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Dude, consider that you're only upset because the news is telling you to be upset. Anytime they report something like this from their fake 'neutral' angle, that's what they are doing. If they wanted you to be happy, they would report it in a better light with lens filters and post processing and then immediately drown you with still shots and staged videos of Kapernicks charity contributions. Stop falling for this shit, let them protest and watch it go as far as occupy Wall-street did.

It's going to fizzle out on it's own because they don't have a next move. Now that they have peoples attention, they don't know what to do with it. My prediction is that next we're going to see some sports baller run for a government office. Whether he wins or not is going to depend on the district he runs in, but either way that will be this movements death kneel.


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Nah man. I dont care. I'm just tired of hearing about it is all. Every shit journalist has to put their own spin on it and its getting tiresome. I dont watch the NFL, I dont go to games. I just just dont want to hear about them anymore


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So you are forcing the rest of voat to hear about it? Go fuck yourself.