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I think it's a little more important than a bunch of whores getting mad at their pimps. I care way more about some people getting their land stolen than I do about a bunch of fucktards in hollyshit.

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More than one thing in the world can be important and relevant at the same time.

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grade a fucking cocksucker. to think your grandparents fought wars overseas that didnt affect you just so you could come up with that fucking selfish bullshit.

i hope your house gets invaded by niggers and they string you up. cos youre as big a fucking enemy as they are.

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Uh, the post you're responding to said

I care way more about some people getting their land stolen

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Because they are genociding a white minority?

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why should anyone give a flying fuck about america?

if you cunts wont lift a finger for them, and the blacks win, youre fucking next. And you know what half the world is gonna say?

Who gives a fuck about america

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So then why the fuck do you ameritards keep on trying to tell the world what the fuck to do? My white majority country thousands of miles away from africa works very fucking well without you dipshits, but what the fuck do you think is gonna happen in your one third nigger one third wetback motherland when they see the blacks walk all over any kind of law and order and do their own shit murdering whites without consequence in africa?

You cunts will be the first screaming when the tables are turned, and that right there, is why i ask the very important question you just quoted back to me. Why should i give a flying fuck about america? Well because of all the fucking legends there that arent your dead set fucking retarded redneck ass. For all the niggerfaggots on voat that will be caught in the fucking shitstorm to come that spout nothing but peace love and shitposts. Because for fucks sake i would hope that im wrong and if ANZUS ever gets invoked, youll actually come. But you know what wont happen here?

A black vs white race war. You seen our natives pal?

tl;dr go suck a bag of fucking cocks.

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Well for one thing, they plan on doing the same thing here. Another is the same reason American Jews care about the holocaust, politics. You can't criticize anything Jewish people do without the holocaust being brought up. Any attacks on whites as a whole can similarly be associated with the South African genocide.

The starvation and hyper inflation that will likely follow may also futher discredit communism (if that is even possible at this point) and of course some people actually consider robbery, rape and murder to be wrong on a moral level.

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Not sure why you are comparing holohoax with south african genocide.

One is a hoax, one is actually happening.

It's like comparing fiction to non-fiction.

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...because we are next?

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The deep fukin state managed to turn even the plebs whose fathers handed them the world into cash cows. Fuck the deep state.