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People SAY they don't like makeup. They MEAN they don't like obvious, painted-clown-looking makeup. Skillfully applied makeup is not apparent. Girls, if it makes you look better, and feel more confident, definitely use makeup... just BE DISCREET!

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How do feel about carrying an umbrella or crying in public? Those are some of the weird things that we deal with as males. Females judge each other incessantly about dumb shit like makeup.

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The problem is once you wear makeup fairly constantly, everyone thinks you're sick when you don't wear it. I've gotten more girls to wear less makeup by simply telling them, "if you don't wear makeup all the time, people won't think you look dead when you don't wear it."

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Sock in the crotch.

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I didn't like it do I don't wear one.I like girls with light make up and highly dislike those with make up put on with the shovel/trovel.

Cosmetics/perfumes don't bother me since I can't smell them.It annoys the hell out of some females I know.

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Less is more. If you look like a clown, it's time to rethink your strategy.

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I hate makeup. It was originally only used by whores and now everyone wants to look like one.

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Or you know... Royalty.

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It all depends on the extent to which it is done.

My girlfriend is very minimal with her makeup and it only ever enhances her natural attractiveness. When used that way I have absolutely no problem with makeup and actually enjoy when she puts a little on. It lets me know that she is putting forth extra effort to look good. I have never seen it as her trying to hide imperfections or being ashamed of the way she looks, its more of her wanting to look her best and I appreciate that.

Of course there are also the painted whores and clowns I see running around who have no idea how fucking gross they looks so it is what it is.

Makeup isn't bad. Bad makeup is bad.