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I believe in existence of a spiritual world, and I also believe that we live inside it right now. Everything has both a natural explanation and a supernatural explanation, and there is no contradiction. Laws of this world are enough to be able to manifest ultimate good and unspeakable evil. God doesn't cheat, He doesn't violate His own rules, but this doesn't mean His creation is dull. You don't need paranormal to be amazed and inspired with what transcends any mortal imagination: the Reality.


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I mean, what's more terrifying, an evil bodybuilder with red skin and horns, or a smiling, well-groomed millionaire official secretly torturing kids in his basement?


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Thing is, the well-groomed millionaire has no realy genetic or socialization reasons to be an evil fuck. While I don't literally believe it, evil as such can be so mysterious and hard to explain - as in: why - that some kind of a spiritual explanation could eventually make sense.