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We used to. Then it was noticed that everything was mostly us. So everybody else were forced to admit they hadn't done anything. So they needed some ways to erase that history.

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There is literally a battle now to defeat the creativity of white people... Be aware, they have stolen genetic science and are now targetting whites with their disabling creations. Eye for an eye bullshit. The lowest common denominator would rather see everyone on their level than a few like themselves be lifted up to a higher status. Such a gd tragedy.

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Crabs in a bucket. Fats trying to get thin. Niggers trying to leave the 'hood behind.

All are attacked and pulled back down by their fellow retards.

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hey have stolen genetic science and are now targetting whites with their disabling creations

[citation needed]

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This and Algebra originated in the middle east so everyone thinks modern achievements were accredited to diversity. Science was originally a middle eastern tool that White Culture has sharpened. The everyone around the Mediterranean was quite advanced in maths and engineering in ye olde days.

Also the Chinese were the first to invent rockets from Gun Powder, commonly seen as Fireworks as well as ordinance. The Chinese were quite advanced in chemistry or alchemy or whatever you'd call it. Then the Germans sort of refined the idea.

Us Northern Europeans were too busy being cold and being miserable in the elements before being conquered by the Romans, having religion indoctrinated on us before the aristocracy managed to get around the church by funding and inventors to create new killing things.

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What jewish "historians" forget to tell you that the middle east was European (many still have blue eyes) and that the moslems burned down 90% of the libraries and claimed credit for the 10% that they missed. lol

Saracens didn't invent jack shit, they have no inventions before or since. They are obviously stupid people, look at them. lol

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"hadn't done anything." What a crock of shit your reply is. "everybody else" is just living their lives and discussions like this only happen on the internet and in school. fuck off

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That's nice. You're welcome.

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For much the same reason the extreme libertarians drive to work every day and wonder why they have to pay taxes.

When you take something for granted, it becomes invisible. Kids are posting on social media complaining about capitalism from their iphones. It's also why a suddenly loss of your standard of living both short and long-term will give you a whole new appreciation for the little luxuries in life.

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Hur dur there were no roads before taxes.

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There weren't. Rome built the first roads (no, dirt walking trails aren't roads). Using taxes.

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Our artificially iInflated population could not exist with pre tax roads.

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A good illustration of the invisibility I am talking about is the fact that you read that and assumed I was talking about roads.

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hur dur roads appear and are maintained by magic

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As if everyone would just sit at home and starve to death without taxes to build roads. I can just hear the screams of agony now as nobody can figure out how to lay long flat pieces of concrete on their own

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But we all know no one will do it for free, and if left to corporations they will just build the roads they need and leave residents up to build their own. Variable quality roads would cause quicker durability loss on your car.

What we need is some kinda system where we all chip in to build the roads, and they are maintained for us. Maybe if we all contributed a percent of our income towards the roads they could all be built and we could move on with our lives.

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because kikes

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its the kikes!

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This is the correct answer

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suddenly loss of your standard of living both short and long-term will give you a whole new appreciation

This. THESE are the "good" times. Buckle your seatbely, we are in for a bumpy ride.


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I've been hearing about imminent apocalypses for the last 40 years and people have predicted them for the past 3000. It's nonsense. What's much more likely to happen is what has been happening: a slow and steady erosion of everything you hold dear. Steady homogenization until everything is bland and boring. Europe will essentially become the US. Cheap tat and cheap mindless entertainment becoming cheaper and your cage getting ever more gilded.

There will be minor and highly localized crises like Greece collapsing or all of Scandinavia and Germany erupting in riots once the gibs dry up but there is no apocalypse coming.

And China will control it all.

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We've handed over the responsibility for passing down our history to the public schools, which have handed it over to the federal government, which have handed it over to a small group of people who make the textbooks and curricula. They've decided to go other direction with it.

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No true Scotsman would hand his children to be raised by the state

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I asked a black woman why white people dont get a White History Month and she said they white people get the rest of the entire year to celebrate their successes.

While I dont really care if there is a White History Month, I appreciated her honesty that black achievements can be condensed into month, but whites are so successful that it requires the rest of the year to boast their accomplishments.

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black achievements can be condensed into month

And it should be noted that every year, you hear about the same five or so fucking niggers.

Most Americans could probably tell you who Harriet Tubman is, but have no fucking clue about Charlemagne or why he was important.

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True true. It's always the same few black people.

Just imagine if there was a white history month. They'd have to talk nonstop about all of the different white people and all the great things they do. A month really isn't good enough.

Every year should officially be White History Year.

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Don't you worry, the MSM is working hard to change that. Between BBC casting niggers to play white historical figures and Hollywood pushing revisionist history in movies like Hidden Niggers, upcoming generations are going to have much browner picture of world history. Imagine the entire creation of first world society (if it even still exists by then) being credited to some perfectly-balanced multiracial cast that never existed.

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When I was in 2nd grade I asked my teacher this and she said the same exact thing.

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I asked this question about 12 years ago. Back before the completely divisive presidency of Obama. Race relations are so bad now that I wouldn't ask this today. I imagine it would provoke a total chimp out.

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No it leads to forced repatriation which if you REFUSE then you get holocaust-ed.

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I keep saying all these people trashing white people 24/7 shouldn't be using all their inventions. Kind of hypocritical to say that shit on the social media white people invented on the computer OS white people invented on the hardware white people invented on the electricity white people invented sitting in the AC white people invented ... on and on.

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because jews are obsessed with inserting their parasitic worthless culture into everything.

because they are jews

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Marxism. You must destroy the past to build something new. Wake up sheeple!

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It does seem that way. Even my peasant Ellis Island Hungarian grandmother God rest her soul spoke of the ((( )))). Only through my mother who only reluctantly ever speaks about this did I get a hint. Wish I knew my grandma better.

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The best and most succinct answer given. Others' answers weren't wrong. But this simply fits into the way Marxism operates. It can't exist without an oppressor vs. oppressed narrative in order to blow up the current worldview and meta-narrative. That is exactly what it exists for. In a world built on the platform of the work of whites, we are the obvious oppressor candidate. If you want to decimate a population and create a new meta story, you enrage the rest of people at whites and let them tear each other apart. We have seen it before.

Hitler wasn't exterminating Jews, per se, he was trying to exterminate communists. It just so happens, Jews are communist.

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