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The porn business is owned by jews. They use money to create porn in order to destroy christian values in young males. They don't care about revenues, they do it as a psy-op.

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You expect me to believe that Jews don't care about money?

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Most of the pornstars are also escorts, so I would imagine some of the porn producers/directors would be taking a cut as the 'pimp'.

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Some things are more important. Such as subversion and control. Esp. if you already have control of the central bank, most of the Wall St banks, and much of the wealth of a nation.

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Yes. They don't care about having money. They care about power. Money = power. Is they loved money, they wouldn't spend billions a year trying to kill us.

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Yes. When the Jews literally control the organization that prints ALL of the money we use. I don't think it's a huge concern for them anymore. Now that they are financially engraved into this country, they have moved to the second phase

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Money laundering could also be a front.

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Believe it or not, there are still people that pay for subscriptions. But at any rate, these streaming websites are getting ad revenues, obviously. You have to imagine there are kickbacks to the content creators. Let alone that the porn industry is not completely decoupled from the other vice communities: drugs and gambling. These environments aren't discrete, but major players bleed across the boundaries, and so does the money. Where Jews may be losing money in a particular facet of porn content creation, they are making it back via other lines of business. They all launder money through various outlets anyway, and no doubt the porn industry is probably a prime time method for laundering money.

Think of it like this: a drug and weapons cartel which also has ties to mainline investment banking/politics is making billions and billions, laundering money through an "artistic" outlet. They skim a little money off the top to pay prostitutes and producers to create films. The production itself is funded by organized crime and the other much larger revenue streams. THE PORN CREATION BUSINESS IS JUST A FRONT FOR MORE CRIMINAL BUSINESS, BUT THEY CAN MAKE DEGENERATE PRODUCTS THAT ARE ADDICTIVE, AND WHICH JUSTIFY THE BUSINESS. THE DEMAND THEY CREATE JUSTIFIES THE BUSINESS EXISTING. GET IT? By feeding the population with another legal (but insidious) drug, they now they have a "legitimate" front to funnel all of the other money through.

It becomes important to consider that by supporting the creators of the content and fueling that demand, you indirectly support these companies' ability to act as fronts. Not only that, but you support all of the bullshit that goes on behind them. I see it spread so often in liberal places that "sex workers" is a title of distinction and liberation, but similar to all of the other liberating things happening in liberalism, it's a delusion. These women are abused and toyed with and many are addicted to drugs. Ever notice how a porn star has a run of popularity for months or a year (maybe a few years if she is a "star") and they fucking disappear? Sometimes you get a glimpse of them a few years later. Someone finds a social media post or something. They are fucked. This industry ruins these people. You are also supporting literal prostitution.

They parade around a few "showcase" women who are meant to facilitate the fantasy that these women are in control, they are proud, and are doing exactly what they want to do. All to make the idea seem plausible that it isn't degeneracy of the worst kind. "See look at Jenna Jameson. These chicks rock!" (ignores the 10,000 other women who are chewed up and spit out drug addicts from that system)

Not only that but I have a feeling the porn industry is going the way of Chaturbate and is going to be getting into far more interactive formats, letting its "stars" fool lonely men into donating thousands per show. Also creating "stars" and "sex workers" out of otherwise normal girls who aren't in the business, but luring them in from their own fucking bedrooms in rural America. It's pretty insane. And the culture supports these girls and makes them think this is normal and liberated. They will then be making money (and hiding other revenue streams) by turning innocent girls in Everytown America into the prostitutes. Using the lambs to drug the sheep. When you realize it, so many other things become apparent. The goal has been to make our normal day-to-day existence so pornographic (selfies, social media, instagram, snapchat) and voyeuristic that the lines between what used to be discrete pornography and regular human behavior become blurred. No longer will people even see pornography as some fringe art form. It'll be like food and water.

It's easy to see why so much porn is free via these streaming services. It's meant to be free. It's supposed to spread like a virus. If you are getting something without paying anything for it, you're the product. Oh, and you thought you were getting away with something?

And we look around and wonder how so many corrupt, law-breaking people assent to the positions of power in our country. We ask, "How did it get this way?", and "How can people support someone they know is a self-serving liar?". In a land of degenerates, the thief is the samaritan, the liar is the preacher, and the criminal is the king. To me, pornography is the first and greatest step in the descent to degeneracy. Of course, there are others. But nothing has crept so quietly into the homes of this entire nation and embedded itself into the brains of generations so effectively as porn has, and the poison is that it is done secretly, and not a god damned person out there wants to have the discussion about it. Not a parent. Not a friend. As a friend, parent, or sibling, you'd have no problem confronting your loved one about drug abuse. But how many people want to have a discussion about pornography or anything to do with the habit of masturbation? It's so very personal that the makers of porn are essentially having deeply psychological conversations, on deeper levels, with younger kids, than their parents will have with them. Their views on themselves, on the opposite sex, on sexuality (which undergird their entire worldviews) are being influenced by unseen people behind shut bedroom doors in suburban homes shortly after family dinners. Really think about it.

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Leave it to voat to upvote the most ridicules answer.

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Omg guys, @Calann's comment just blue-pilled me so hard that I'm farting more brow white and red hope than Barry did after Michael and the Hillabilly couple ran a train on him with no lube! I'm pretty sure I have at least 6 gorrilian reddit accounts now!

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I mean, let's at least follow our own stereotypes.

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  1. Most porn companies are perpetually in the red. However those that aren’t are usually associated with a free porn site in some way.
  2. Most porn is actually viewed on mobile devices so advertisements aren’t blocked. The sheer volume of people watching usually subsidizes the lost income.
  3. Some crazy people still pay for porn nowadays. Others do bespoke porn. source: Jon Ronson

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Yea, the free or freemium model works on a wide variety of products.

Television channels are funded by commercials. Superbowl advertisers get their money's worth. Before cable TV there were (and still are) free channels. Phone apps, especially games, are often free and funded by advertisers. YouTube and similar platforms follow the phone app model. Some have advertisers, some have paid upgrades (like YouTube Red or the "full" version of whatever app or even purchasable cosmetic items). League of Legends is free except for some artwork (skins). Public parks are free if you don't have a job. Heck, the government will pay you not to work and have children from different dads. And let's not forget that Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the like all make free products in exchange for information. Hell, even the DMV sells your information for profit.

They all still make money. Just in their own unique way. It's good to know exactly how each service funds itself.

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The porn studios are also drug out pimp studios, it connects to prostitution, drug smuggling, human trafficking, exploitation and abuse. Also i imagine an element of 'black mail' some old pervert gets get them stoned, drunk whatever high films a naked movie, he/ theStudio threatens to release unless she pays out...commiefornia Law would typically protect the pervert not the victim. Maybe like when the British once used Opium to try and destroy the Chinese peoples, the weird drug addicts in Cali, the Fetish crap, Drugs, Filth, Interracial Porn is it a conspiracy, used by Anarchists, Jews, Commies to Subvert the US or Christian West? A lot of mugshots? http://www.pornwikileaks.com/wiki/Porn_Star_Mug_Shots A lot of performers/hookers earn some money as affiliates for sex toys and the industry also has a gay mafia? maybe this is just part of human cycles, strong times follow good times and corruption and degeneracy? And here is another interesting quote “We corrupt in order to rule.” — Italian Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini. The history goes back more than a 100 yrs, Cabinet card photo, Playing cards with dirty smutty illustrations, also a lot of Jewish names a lot of Jews behind these modern media companies. It was once in back alley thing peep shows, the same guys in the early days of Hollyweird would close up set and do pornography in the evening, also sell video cinema sets of some hookers naked on film in some private xxx theatre, the Andrew Warhola, Playboy and Hustler opens the door for smut to go mainstream, the age of the internet the filth spam is now everywhere. Miller v. California, 1973 is an interesting legal case but most of the courts and (((judges))) are bought and bribed by these drug dealers, open borders commies and smut merchants.

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The percentage who get it free is irrelevant. The studios make it for paying customers. Some people are willing to pay for porn, and they pay enough for it to be made. RIAA math rots your brain.

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The percentage who get it free is irrelevant

Especially when the total customers is at least in the tens of millions.

Porn is also cheap to make. I'm not sure what visual and practical effects OP is talking about.

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It's a point and shoot operation.

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Visual effects: digital removal of female blemishes and imperfections

Practical effects: makeup, surgical enhancements, male prosthetics

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My guess is that it depends on the type of porn. There's pseudo-snuff films out there, for example, that people get off on. So you'd need to hire people to do make up and props, maybe some CGI blood, etc. Bondage porn probably requires lots of equipment maintenance and medical staff, on-hand. Hentai probably costs more to make than all of that combined.

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Fake dicks

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If I had to venture a guess, I'd equate it to drug dealing -- get them hooked on the free, cheap stuff. And then have them pay for the "elite" new stuff. All things being equal, it's not like these "films" are expensive. It typically costs, according to CNBC 7-10k per shoot. That sounds about reasonable. You figure that it will essentially pay for itself in a few hours for the same reason established gaming companies make money on pre-release. Also too, video's are just one aspect of the overall business -- meet n greets, novelties, live performances, web cams... This industry is massive and it's tentacles are everywhere. The point of the free vids, are basically everything that's made it's money already, and nobody really cares anymore. It's to entice, it's to get people hooked, it's to keep it in everyones face, it's to delude women into thinking that it's empowering, it's free advertising, it produces metrics and trends...


Pornhub actually has an interesting metrics section that outlines what people are watching and when. It's really fascinating to see what people are viewing and when...

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What is the URL for the metrics section on Pornhub?

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Its pretty interesting, all things being equal, especially when they corellate things like Halftime, or things going on seasonally... Interesting, but sad at the same time.


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why do you think the front page of pornhub is all incest themed videos?

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I guess it's what sells.

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its an agenda of promoting breakdown of the family and promote degeneracy. That's why its free

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It really shows how dissolute Whites have become.

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Pornhub keeps a cache of your browsing history. If you watch incest, it recommends incest

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Even if you go incognito all the time it still shows those videos a lot. Even on different IPs.

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No it just appears

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Don’t use pornhub!

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Don't watch porn at all. Don't endorse the Jews.

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Same reason instagram and youtube suggest videos tailored to your interests?


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The goal is porn is not to turn a profit and never has been.

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Jews print our money. This is how it's paid for. The part you don't understand is that it's not just about distracting us, it's about taking our beautiful birthing age women and in exchange for a handful of shekels, they waste the best years of their child bearing lives masterbating on cams for fat Jewish men who without doubt rape and kill them at will. It's much darker than most of us are ready to except.

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