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I think that's the point. To contaminate the remaining stock genetically and culturally

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Pretty much, if you can contaminate the women, and none of the resulting generation is "pure white", you don't need to worry anymore about killing of white people, it becomes a self rectifying "solution". Probably why interracial black on white relationships are pushed so fucking hard in the MSM

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Despite the constant and shrill denials of authenticity, what one sees happening is exactly what was forecast in ' The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion'.

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Quality over quantity.

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I guess so but there seems to be a view among the political class that "white" is a dirty word when it comes to race. In the Australian context I can recall Gareth Evans (a World identity) saying he would be delighted if in 2040 Australia was full of brown-skinned people (or something along those lines). While I have nothing against non-whites (and I'm "off-white" in colour, being a half-breed) I find any deliberate attempt to remove whiteness from Society, say by selective immigration (bring in coloured people), artificial and silly. Social engineers fail to take into account a country's amenity. While there's nothing inherently wrong with mosques and non-whites, nevertheless people living in a western country derive comfort from the familiarity of the landscape and of the people and once too much difference is introduced and the character of a country changes that familiarity that lends to quality of life is lost. Edit: coincidentally just read an article (see link below) where it was said: "Eventually the whole world is going to be blended".


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Yes that is why that shit is pushed. They want that to happen

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If our culture made more sense regarding dating ages, we could reverse the problem. My neighbor has a beautiful, 18 year old, soft spoken daughter that loves to cook and plays piano. She just got a car but hasn't started dating yet because the kids her age are full on worthless retards and she knows it. She obviously likes me but because I'm 40 and our culture is retarded, I'm the bad guy if I hook up with her. It's stupid. Mormonism is looking better and better.

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Court her for marriage, if you know he father ask his permission first.

EDIT: You wont be a bad guy if youre going to give her parents grankids adn stick around! They will like you, especially if they respect you and you have money.

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I'm not a psychopath so I don't have much (((money))), and her dad likes (((money))) a lot. He already flipped out about a 30 year old dating her 22 year old thot sister so I don't think my chances are high.

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will we become the minority? Europeans are only 5% of the worlds population, we already are the minority, we have always been the minority, and will also be the minority as you can either have high quality/low quantity, or high quantity/low quality.

what will happen to the others/half mixes? they will die, just as history has had it multiple times.

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Not even the alphas, betas and forever alones will even drop out, only the cuck orbiters will remain.