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I was a Libertarian, before the tards started calling me a Nazi for daring to vote against a Clinton, for questioning the riots in Ferguson and the invasion of Europe. I am now unironically, unashamedly, reborn. Full blown 1488. It's incredible how being told what a demon you are for inextricable circumstances make you think being a demon wouldn't be half bad.

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My red pill was when I was on I95 the day Baltimore became lawless. Media wouldn’t report on the protesters on the interstate, but I promise you they were there.

I had fecal matter hurled at my van, and bricks as well as rocks thrown at me. Got called a racist and white devil. So I said sure you see it already so let’s make it official.

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fecal matter hurled at my van

Niggers fulfilling the primate stereotype yet again.

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Basically same here. I was very much live and let live Libertarian. I was disgusted with both sides, and I still am.

I liked that an outsider was running who the left adored and the right wasn't totally against.

He was a star on TV. One would think he would be a uniting factor, and he could have been were it not for the media.

He dared interfere with HER TURN and he spoke like a rational person who saw the real problems so the left demonizes him.

This made me lose hope for the maybe 20 percent of the country that truly is leftist. The voter fraud was obvious and the media became 10x worse.

Since the culture war began around what, 2011? White men are the devil. They are the backbone of civilization and no matter what they sacrifice for everyone else they are shit on.

Trump is the best president in any of our lives. I didn't see that coming. He could do even more great things but the lefties stand in the way. They are regressive.

Obama set this country back 100 years on race relations. He is a wart on the cock of this country.

The attack on free speech and freedom itself is a red flag many ignore.

War is inevitable. The future of the white race and therefore the future of our planet will be decided there.

If the jews win the world will suffer like never before.

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Im not as far as you but i did buy a 900 page history book on the germam communist revolution, i mean the jewish lead communist revolution in germany.

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Looks interesting, thanks. I've been reading a lot about this time period lately.

a-muh-zon-banned - /German-Revolution-1917-1923-Historical-Materialism/dp/1931859329

One of the books I've read recently documented how German strategists wanted to weaken Russia and so they pulled this nutty nonsense called communism up and engaged in an amazing plan to convince gullible Russians to adopt this obviously doomed theory, with the specific intent of destabilizing their country to the point it represented no threat against Germany in WWI. In particular, the German military directly recruited Lenin using "progressives" who were actually German nationalists. They arranged and paid for Lenin to travel to Switzerland in order to study Marx at a fake Potemkin school designed to compromise future Russian leaders. Lenin fell for the ruse. This is all documented. We even have Lenin's travel documents.

The plan worked 100% according to design. Once the Russian revolution started, they were out of the picture.

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What book? I'd like to read it.

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I have straight up told someone "you do not want me to be the demon you think I am"

And they shut up immediately and their jaw dropped. But this was also a fucking soyboy so not hard for that to happen

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Love that.

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It's how I found my way back to God. All these atheists calling religious people automatically dumb. It seemed to come from a position of ignorance. Which I found out through a lot of research is exactly the case. They don't know shit. All they like is being hypocrites.

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They don't know shit.

You should watch some Atheist Experience. Here's one good clip


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What would I experience watching that? How would you sell it to me?

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I was raised Baptist. Went from that to atheism for 10+ years, and now I am quite comfortable and happy knowing I'm worshipping in the way I was meant to. Not to some Jew god in the sky. If you're a dune coon, feel free. Just not around me.

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I too, have a poster of Dawkins above my bed.

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I voted Democrat for 20 years, but now I'm somehow a neo-nazi because I'm against the idea that differing opinions from the left don't have a right to be spoken. I used to hate the right for that reason once, because of all of the religious stuff that they kept trying to shove up my ass. I don't care what side you identify with. The minute you start telling other people that they can't speak, you can fuck right off.

I still consider myself to be a Moderate - I haven't changed. But the left is completely batshit now.

Reading the ridiculous pro-Antifa shit on Reddit was an eye-opener. Also the Trayvon Martin case - the media picked up on the fact that he had a pack of skittles but not that he was assaulting the guy who ended up shooting him? The pic of Trayvon as an 8 year old and the pic of the "White" guy in a mug shot? That's when I started to lose my suspension of disbelief. After that I began to notice that criminals were never pictured and their race went unlisted if the guy in question was Black... etc, etc, you know all the rest because for the most part, you all see things the same way as me.

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Pattern recognition is the enemy of the Left!

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Welcome brother.

This is the war the Jews fight against us.

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They oversell and cheapen their message at every opportunity. Styx noted this in the lead up to the Trump victory and he compared it to the satanic panic of the 80s. The Evangelicals condemned everything that was fun or enjoyable as evil and eventually they came to be known as hysterics and loonies and no one took their concerns, even the legitimate ones, seriously.

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Except in hindsight.... The 80s was pretty goddamn rife with the promotion of Satanism. And they used this as an excuse at the time to cover up Satanic Ritual Abuse, that is only now re-entering the public consciousness.

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Moderates are basically pussies who can't make up their mind.

those softie snowflakes need to put on their big boy shorts and have a opinion.

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No, we Independents, Moderates, or whatever, are quite able to make up our minds, we just don't swallow the Leftist/Rightist line from the hook to the sinker. We are actually able to pick and choose what we support, without Michael Miller or Ann Coulter telling us what we think. We have our own opinions, just probably not the ones you want us to have.....if it's any consolation, the libtards agree with you, as they don't much like our opinions either.

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We do, we just have no loyalty to you because you haven't bothered trying to earn it. My opinion, you're just the same as the people you hate, you just want the same thing. Power, control and everyone to be held to your world view and nothing less will be acceptable. If it were up to you, you'd deplatform people you don't like as well.

As for being a pussy well, you are what you eat...dick.

There. You're welcome

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You have no idea what you are talking about.

haven't bothered trying to earn it

The reconstruction of society, even for a few years, back in 1939 was nothing i guess

If it were up to you, you'd deplatform people you don't like as well.

Sure, go on and bring me proof of that. Any society controlled by our people has flourished in all aspects, to the point that our enemies have violently taken us out of place. And your lookalikes were just sitting on a fence baaaahh-ing. A "centrist" never ever achieved anything in history.

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slow down cowgirlXero

I think playing too much butt darts has affected your reasoning.

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We don't need to sell you, faggot.

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"trying to earn it"

earning by having consistent opinions and goals? A moderate is just wishy washy, can go one way or the other, not very appealing

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I've never been a moderate, so I'm not sure how they think. They can't be thinking very hard if they can't see what communists do.

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It is actually possible to be fully cognizant of the left's descent into madness, the willful destruction of European culture and history by (((moneyed interests))) and the religion ersatz of the new atheists without wanting to literally gas everyone to the left of Pinochet.

I just want people to become more aware of the JQ, an absolute destruction of communism and a return to traditional family values as well as a moderate social safety net, public works and a government intervention in the market only to break up cartels and prevent natural monopolies. There doesn't really seem to be a place for us.

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Add in "homogeneous nation-states" with your beliefs and I'm right there with you. I'm more paleocon but according g to leftists I'd be a Mussolini or a Hitler for wanting stability and order.

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What do they call someone who is actually far right?

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Probably Nazi or "You're a WHITE MALE!"

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I'm neither a Nazi or a fascist. At all. But I've been called this so much whenever I defend any Trump policy that I now just say "Yeah OK, I'm a Nazi. Thanks."

It's like with that Kekistan flag, which is obviously based on the Nazi flag. I didn't like it because of that. But so many people say I'm a Nazi, I got one and hung it on the wall at work. When people said, "Do you know that's based on the Nazi flag" I say, "Yes."

I think this is how black people dealt with the N word. People called them that all the time and finally they said, "OK fine, I'm a N. Thank you very much. Dumbass."

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It's more than that, it's a true Awakening.

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There is a famous soccer/football team, Ajax Amsterdam.

"supporters of the Dutch association football club AFC Ajax... have often referred to themselves as super Jews. "

Because of the same thing. They were taunted for years, and adopted, embraced, the label.

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