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Reality: If we try to impose democracy over there, we're going to lose it over here.

Of course this is based on the bomb them and welcome them insanity going on. If we're dropping bombs on them, we shouldn't be letting them. If we're going to let them in, we shouldn't be bombing them.

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Cos we're all at risk of speaking Iraqi right now.

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The thing they were fighting against was communism. Which we're still fighting. Including here.

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Fucking zero truth what so ever.

Its just the reverse. Let other countries go commie...wait and laugh while watching it implode.

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Implode, causing a mass migration crisis like we see today? Wouldn't "containment" be a better course of action? Also, I'm pretty sure no one fell for the "exporting democracy" bullshit except those who didn't see past the propoganda. I'm pretty sure it was understood to be a purely containment philosophy.

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No, you just don't let them in.