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I like being white. Why denigrate any part of my skin?

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Maybe if you get your whole body tattooed nigger brown, you won't be an evil racist anymore.

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You have to get your penis and nipples removed to though don't you know

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exactly right. Dead on.

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best use of the word denigrate i have ever seen

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To put "John 3:16", other Bible verses, "John 3:16", the Icthys, and other Good Christian symbols on my body for the world to see. It's my ministry.

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Your heart is in the right place, but we were made in God's image. Our bodies are temples. My own interpretation of that sort of marking is akin to advertising or publicly drawing attention to one's faith.

I might look to Mathew 6:5 https://www.bible.com/bible/1/mat.6.5.kjv#!

I respect that you may interpret differently than I.

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yes, and they arent edgy enough anymore so hipsters are getting face tattoos now, which is helpful because you know right away if someone is a complete moron.

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They are? That's hilarious!

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oh yeah, its still early, stupid stuff like a teardrop or an anchor(WHY?) but it will keep going. Here is the funniest one look at this idiot: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/03/10/restaurant-refuses-service-facial-tattoos/24689455/

"Im the furthest thing from a gang member" WELL YOU LOOK LIKE ONE!

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Hopefully little circle tattoos. Aim small miss small.

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Hopefully little circle

Kike: from Hebrew kichel, meaning little circle. When ((they)) infiltrated at Ellis island, the could not sign Arabic name and refused to sign with "X" as looks like cross, so they used little circle to sign. Also little round cookie.

now you know :)

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I searched for the hipster face tattoo trend, I didn't realize it was a thing. Apparently hipsters are getting face tattoos of glasses. How stupid does this guy look?

Dumb hipster face tattoo

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I'm sure all you pansy fucks are getting cute little paintings of barb wire or pseudo-tribal bullshit all over your body, alongside your totes cool vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Tattoos.

20 years ago, I noticed that all the squares were staring to wear earrings and tattoos. That was all the reason I needed to never put one on my body. Fuck being like you impulsive retards.

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Ah, fuck man. You mean this ear ring that I got 36 years ago isn't cool anymore? I don't see many other grey (or no) haired guys with them.

I could take it out, but instead use it as a reminder of the fucked up life I narrowly avoided. I'm not sure what kept me from continuing on down the path of drugs, alcohol, crime, etc... but I'll take the token reminder. Still no tats though...

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Have an upvoat for being an extreme minority on voat that is even past their mid-twenties yet. You clearly remember a time before half-faggots ruined everything.

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Only criminals, lowlifes, and the stupid are getting tattoos.

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No, that's the way it used to be and that's what made them edgy. Now normals of every stripe are getting them. It's like having an iPhone.

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He said stupid

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When you want to project the "I don't give a fuck" image.

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I understand law enforcement uses both face and hand tattoos as an indicator someone has been to prison. Also, black ink is used in prison tats.

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I make exception for legitimate badasses, bikers, and of course sailors.

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Bikers are a bunch of pussy faggots. Just look at Sturgis

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And sailors.

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Q: What's easier than growing a pair of balls?

A: Getting a tattoo.

I like to tell this story of the time I stopped for coffee while travelling. It was early so the place was deserted and a bit cool but they had all of the windows and shutters open. Despite the temps my order was taken by a 20YO-ish fellow in shorts and sleeveless Tshirt. He had full sleeve tats, as well as some on his legs, and probably some combination of a beard, manbun, and thick framed glasses.

Shortly after that a coworker joined from the back, and this hale and hearty fellow was edgier still with even more tattoos on proud display on his arms and legs as well as several piercings. And then a few minutes later the final of the 3 men on duty that day appeared; he was clearly the top predator in this ecosystem with tattoos on arms and legs and face, and several piercings, but this guy had gauges as well!

I marvelled at the probably unintentional but none the less very real display of oneupmanship that I'd been treated to. These three fine examples of vibrant manhood... all working at a coffee shop.

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Love it !

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Everyone but me. I vowed that if I couldn't find that first design by the time I was a certain age that I was certain I could live the rest of my live having it stuck to me, I wasn't going to get one. That time came and went and I have no desire to get one. I have scars and enough of them that I don't want any more identifying marks.

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The ear spoons because lip spoons got too boring?

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Put a masterlock in it.

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Better to use a real lock. Masterlock makes toy/pretend locks as do many other popular lock companies https://voat.co/v/WTF/2655489

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Gauges came and went pretty quick.

The problen with tattoos is they are permanant so the fad feeds itself.

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I'm not they're gay now

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