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some sleeper accounts woke up to shill.

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Back to sleep

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To shill, and post slide. Can that really account for the mild castration?

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(((some))) of us were demanding voat grow by any means necessary by taking all the reddit garbage that came our way. theres that, too. then they whine when the redditors that did remain continue to act like redditors.

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Also happy to see far less bigotry. Blacks have been manipulated, maybe it's their dna, maybe it's the feed they eat, music, lack of education, etc.

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Users from other sites have joined. Just watch the all/new page and see which posters get instant upvoats. Also mention cia/israel and watch the down voats. Alot of new posters overly post anti-islam but ignore what other cultures are doing, either the same thing or worse. The majority of voat is American so don't say anything bad about America, but it's ok for them to demonstrate their ignorance of other cultures/countries. All that being said, that is what makes Voat interesting and sometimes funny. It helps to have a thick skin. After all, what a user posts really means and changes nothing. You can always turn it off!

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You make a good point. It's a bit of what I meant by "the coastal waves of 'normalization' from so many influxes." Cycles of repetition, grow a site, loose a site.

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An interesting thing to do is on all/new page is to upvoat everything and see - over a period of hours, the tone changes.

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Shills got reactivated and have been up to all sorts of faggotry. Eurofags are shit at watching the night shift so things get progressively worse midnight murica time.

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I don't think the EuroCucks even get to be on here freely, let alone help the cause vocally.

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To fuck yourself you sleeper cell jew loving cunt.

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yep, that's me, you can tell by my history, Niggerfaggot

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Just spreading the spirit, dont get your panties in a bunch you kike loving nigger jew!

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Well we all thought you were a faggot so we have been avoiding posting the fun stuff where you can see it.

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I fucking KNEW IT! Look here guy, I promise I wont tell the heebs. Just let me get some of the Voat Smack, like the good 'ol days.

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Jewish rabbis suck bloody baby dicks!

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When Voat went down and Putt took a hiatus Voat lost users. Some went to /pol, some to phuks and others to poal.. we lost content

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Dark Times indeed.

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Everybody blocked SBBH. So fuck you!

It’s time for v/realProtectVoat daggers to do their jobs and prove SBBH wrong. The won’t and they cant.

Those of us on SBBH love voat. Sure we make it look bad too but we did pretty well on the big waves.

So people got lazy and now expect somebody else to janitor the site.

Enjoy your new members!

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never blocked them myself, but I think I get what you mean.

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Lol! Good! We do fill up pages at times and I did my fair share too. SBBH ain’t saints and we’ve had some bad moments but really we do love Voat.

But seriously, we did vanguard several assaults on noobs and I also spend time figuring out subversives. Just been too busy posting and commenting to keep fighting the current shill and sleepers.

So many sleepers became active recently that it’s hard to call them out. They’ve gotten better. Maybe we trained them too good ... hmmm

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I was told my argument sucked dick because only a moron uses those words. Granted, my argument sucked, but he attacked me using the word retard. What a tard

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Niggerfaggot is Voat's Dog Whistle, never stop it's use here.

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