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Religion is shit. The NWO is shut. The disbelief and or disagreement of either idea has nothing to do with the other

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You are never going to understand the endgoal of the NWO. You realize they believe in God, but serve Satan, right? Well, obviously you do not. Just trying to spell it out for you. What you believe is IRRELEVANT. You are not going to understand your enemies' motivations.

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I'm atheist and I can absolutely understand religious motivation.

You must be retarded.

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Grown ass men shouldnt have imaginary friends, its unbecoming.

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The question is why do you oppose the NWO.

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Because only things we can see are real, right?

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Those who lead good lives aren't always Christian, simultaneous with not all Christians leading good lives. If I was God, in the omnipotent, omnipresent sense, I wouldn't leave evidence. What's the point of faith if you leave particles of "God-ium" all about? I'm all for the smack-down of organized religions, I think it has become a social exercise rather than a belief system, but three things need a look: 1. Jesus was a person, based on historical records (I know there were similarities to Mithra and Krishna and such, similarity doesn't mean identical i.e. Leibnitz and Newton with calculus) 2. If NWO is a thing, it's money. Religion is just another hollow vessel for such people, money gets things done (and if the NWO is an earthly/satanic/ do-as-thou-wilt organization, earthly methods are ultimate) 3. Why not condemn other faith practices? Christianity gets hate, but where are the Hindu bashers, or the Islam critics? Disagree if you like with such practices, but prejudice in such disagreement is both unscientific and bland. Historical and scientific consistency is important if you want a real discussion. Otherwise, bah.

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Yes, exactly, once you have BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT proven your existence to one person, then what? Every other person will say "Well, I want God to prove himself to me too, or I won't believe it".

It is important to distinguish between religious institutions and the practice of spirituality itself. Although not all spirituality is created equal, for example Voodoo in Haiti, spirit worship in Africa and India (Hinduism?), wtf they do in Papua New Guinea, etc.

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Beyond a shadow of a doubt is impossible. Doubt is the chastity of the mind, it is what makes us question. If there is a God, I'm certain proof is impossible, why ask for belief/faith if you leave evidence around? As far as other faith systems go I (being christian) ask "What are the parts that claim truth, forgiveness, love, etc.? (I know much of the Old Testament is full of other stuff, but Jesus was all about being the "fulfillment of the law", rendering previous rulings null, and instead giving a new code). These are the important issues to me, love, truth, forgiveness, and I'm certainly supportive of other practices that support such things, without reservation or exception. God, if God is omnipotent, omnipresent, will deal with all individuals as God sees fit, whenever (as time doesn't exist for an omnipresent being). Proof is not particular (as present in particles[or waves]) but rather in the experience of the individual, which is beyond explanation in its totality to any other person than the participant. If there is an NWO, they desire 2 things 1. Lack of choice in who you are, thus 2. the death of such experience. Athiests don't get all for the NWO because they recognize choice in such situations, and any sizeable combine desires to standardize, to simplify production/administration. Atheists are no more bound to the NWO than anyone else.

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i'm atheist because there is no concrete proof of his/her existence. thats it. has religion been corrupted? sure, but thats not the reason for a lack of faith.

i oppose the new world order for many reasons. as an atheist i don't care if you enjoy religion. believe what you want so long as you don't infringe on other peoples rights. so i have no urge to remove god from society.

good question op. hope this view point is helpful.

also. churches shouldn't have tax exemptions. none of them

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I actually agree with the tax exemption. Part of separation of church and state. Once the government starts taking money from religions, they have to allow religion to have a voice in decisions of state.

No thank you.

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churches shouldn't have tax exemptions.

that, or there shouldnt be any taxes.

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You're an idiot.

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As its not a politically partisan issue its also not a religious one. Its a human issue about breeding and torturing innocent children, enslaving and genociding humanity and other vile things. Any sort of human will hate this, whoever they are.

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You would hope so. Doesn't seem to stop (many) Voaters from taking potshots at Christians at every opportunity (which is just Voat I suppose).

My thing is, the NWO is literally following the Bible as a sort of blueprint, a gameplan. They actually want people to see what they are doing and think "the prophecies are coming true", so IMO people that aren't Christian and not familiar with the Bible are at a significant disadvantage in terms of knowing their enemy.

And Christians are the NWO's biggest threat, so just surprising to me to see atheists on Voat treat Christians with utter disdain.

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That's like saying "Christianity and Islam both believe in a single god, so why do they ever even fight?"

It's an extremely 2 dimensional view of the world.

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What am I saying? I am asking a question. Why do atheists oppose the NWO, that wants to bring in a type of government worldwide that is godless (and without morals, but that goes without saying)?

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Because most athiest probably don't want a one world government. The US government is already secular, but godless isn't the only selling point for a rational person.

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I am getting downvotes, but not answers to my question. NOT HELPFUL, atheists.

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