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Germany was ideologically allied with Socialist dogma while Italy was "labeled" Fascist during the last great war.

The fact that you don't understand that Mao (China) was in power long after this is why you are dangerous to society.

If you squeeze your eyes wide shut then Cuba was a failed Right wing experiment.

I bet you blame Capitalism for Venezuela's collapse in real time.


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As I heard Hitler say once, Jews hijacked the initial German concept of "socialism" to use for their evil communism scheme. The German concept was one where everything works for the benefit of the society whether it be competition or individual productiveness. There was no need to try make everyone equal or to take from the rich and middle class to make everyone poor.

Communism was evil insanity Jews were pushing were the individual is evil and rich and middle class people must be robbed (except the elite Jews), so everyone just ends up poor. They don't care about work incentives or anything like that. It's stupid shit that ruins anywhere it touches.