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Fascism is the stage reached after Communism has proved an illusion. Friedrich von Hayek, 1899-1992

While true, Communism is the stage reached after Socialism has proved government subsidized Industry needs a bail out.

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Looking at Russia and Germany, there is no stage after communism for a long time. In the Russian example there was a communist hellhole and nobody can do much of anything about it until it collapsed. In the German example, fascism (Nat. Soc.) was what happened to prevent communism from succeeding. It happened after a failed communist revolution and a financial meltdown. Apparently, a nation of people need to hit rock bottom and not be overtaken by evil first to have a fascist revolution.

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Germany was ideologically allied with Socialist dogma while Italy was "labeled" Fascist during the last great war.

The fact that you don't understand that Mao (China) was in power long after this is why you are dangerous to society.

If you squeeze your eyes wide shut then Cuba was a failed Right wing experiment.

I bet you blame Capitalism for Venezuela's collapse in real time.