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When I was young I used to have these dreams with this bearded guy on a motorcycle with this hot blonde chick on the back would come riding up to me once in a while and he would give me advice. As I got older I had a couple dreams where I encountered my younger self and gave him advice. One day I was in the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and there was the guy from those dreams I had those many years ago looking back at me in the mirror. That was freaky

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Interesting. Was the advise useful?

I've occasionally had dreams that were predictive in a very literal sense within 1 to 3 days. I've learned the ones that are strong enough to wake me up are the most likely to be predictive.

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Well as the meeting my younger self in my dreams always caught me off guard. I wasn't really prepared what I was supposed to say. So I was trying to remember what I told myself and it was hard to remember, cause I was dreaming, so it came out like be honest, dont cheat, dont steal, really fucking generic advice. Though one time I remembered that I saw him fucking her in my dream when I was young so I did that in my dream when i was old.

The thing that worries me, is I have never had any dreams of some really old guy coming to my with advice, so I'm a little afraid that I may not live on into elderly age.

There was one other really freaky dream I had if you're interested to read about it. I was outside my home at the time, and I looked in the window, and there inside there was my brother, and my dad, who is passed away, and me! How the fuck am I in there if I am out here looking in the window. I was confused. SO I decide to go in and find out what the hell is going on. Well when I walk in they all looked at me, all looking at me like what the fuck? looking at me, and then the other me, my dad is looking at my clone or whatever, then he turns and looks at me. He looks really scared, then poof! he vanished. Just gone. What the fuck? I turned and looked at my brother, he looked scared shitless too, and then poof! he just disappears!. So there I am standing there with myself. What the fuck is this? poof! I woke up...

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from a dream interpretation perspective?

your trying to fight something but you dont feel you're doing it well enough. find the thing in real life your trying to "punch in the face", whatever that may look like, and finish this

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Meh. Not every dream amounts to more than it's surface appearance.

Also @jackthebutholeripper the reason you feel like you're punching through water is because your body is (mostly) paralyzed while you're sleeping. So when you throw that punch mentally without the physical feedback some wires can get crossed in your brain and it feels like you're weak AF or something is holding you back.

Not a scientific explanation but layman's terms.

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Dreams adjust themselves to your expectations and imagination. So if you're in a dream and want to throw a punch, imagine the results of the punch happening instead of just "trying" to throw a punch normally. This avoids the "underwater" body paralysis effect.

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Even if dreams are objectively meaningless, there’s no reason we can’t find useful meaning in them

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You call yourself a goat but haven't killed any Jews, yet.

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I had a dream where I was in a massive primitive fortification the sky was pitch black, not a star in sight, and the earth was barren and dusty. It seemed bleak and hopeless as far as the eye could see. Torchlight was the only light available and there were hundreds of them. I remember there being a 20 foot tall gatekeeper with a dozen or so wolf heads along his chest wearing a dusty black cloak and carrying a long staff, he was watching an organized group of indistinguishable creatures walking out the gate in what looked like a military file. For some reason to break my cover from behind a boulder and I felt compelled to howl at him and he howled back, well most of his heads did anyway and for some reason it resonated through me, made me feel an something akin to an ancient primal energy. As awful as that place was I wish I had more dreams like it, that feeling I felt was intense but wonderful.

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When I lived at home and I was young I would have dreams like this where I would attempt to approach my father in a rage to get revenge and would suffer the same symptoms that you described.

Haven’t had a dream like that in decades

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Are you physically moving while dreaming?

This is important...if you are, you might have Parkinson's

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I move a lot while dreaming. I've even been known to full on jump out of bed swinging punches when waking up.

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Your body should be physically immobilized while you sleep.

Physically acting out the actions you dream about is an early warning sign of Parkinson's.

You should get checked.

Or, if you're larping about your sleep habits: be less of a fag.

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You feel impotent in some situation in your life that you feel you have been forced to face. Before you're ready.

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Dreams are your subconscious trying to solve problems. Most likely you have a problem you're avoiding or feel unable to address.

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