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Something something positronic brain.

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And yet the transporters had no issue unerringly reconstructing real actual brains time and again.... Including datas

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Boom. TNG BTFO. My childhood is a lie.

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A computer can duplicate a file but it didnt create that file.

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I would say that you can't replicate a soul, but there is a whole episode about Riker being copied in a transporter accident.

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Something something plot. When one side steamrollers the other, it's kinda boring

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Essentially, that was what S2:E9 (The Measure of a Man) was about. Doing so would have been the equivalent of creating an army of Picards, Rikers, and Worfs.

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Came here to say this. Data is a sentient individual, not a machine.

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Not exactly. He’s a machine that’s self aware. Netflix has a series about androids becoming aware through software.

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Yes, but shortly thereafter, they had zero issues with using copies of "the doctor" for menial tasks.

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Doc was a program stored in memory that could be non-destructively copied; they had no such "copy" of Data's "software" and no way to safely make one. So they would have been making a copy of the bare metal only. Best case they make a creepy robotic corpse lacking an 'operating system.' Worst case they make a lifeform that is its own being which might just as easily become Cartoon Moustache Evil Data from that one episode, and likely would just to teach them a lesson about playing god, because that's how star trek rolls

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Basic Trek question by someone who never watched the whole show.

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So you dont know either?

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This is the correct answer.

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Because it was a TV show?

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Oh boy, now you've done it. You've pissed off the Star Trek fags. Careful, they're going to set their phasers to "Kill".

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My phaser is set to "rape"

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My phaser is set to "Nachos"

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Sure, if you want to turn off your brain and NOT think about an amusing puzzle.

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Wesley was too busy using it to make dildos

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You just gave me a very unsettling mental image of the TNG crew dealing with their own version of “Trouble with Tribbles”

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the main reason is what was highlighted in the movie "Ghost in the Shell" (the cartoon, not the abortion where a white woman played an asian womans role).

major kusinagi relates the reason to her human partner when she basically says that they keep a human on her team because all the augmented soldiers tend to think alike and analyze situations in the same way. Her human counterpart wouldn't approach situations in the same way and thus provides an 'out of the box' approach compared to all the augmented team members.

Most likely the human would be more concerned with not getting into situations where his mortality is a massive drawback for instance.

It's one of the rare situations where 'diversity is strength' runs true. Notice how it has zero to do with skin color or religion.

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It's one of the rare situations where 'diversity is strength' runs true. Notice how it has zero to do with skin color or religion.

And everything to do with thought. So precisely one of the dividing lines in the culture war.

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It's also a good reason not to duplicate a computerized being and have one on EVERY team. It leads a networked path of weakness that can be exploited.

I hop armies of the future understand this, but information technology seems to be universal these days, and is breeding weakness into everyone. Could you navigate without a GPS? perhaps... but I bet the proportion of the population that can is vanishingly small now.

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yeah but i mean, do we really need borderline ape thought? Like is that necessary? Its not like they said "oh we have all these augmented people, we better add a functionally retarded person in the mix". Still no reason to have black people around as far as im concerned. The numerous varieties of white and asian provide more than enough diversity of thought for my tastes lol.

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Yeah, because Asian women are super well known for having blue eyes.

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Okay I'm gonna jump in here BF. Kusanagi's "Overspecialize And You Breed In Weakness" argument was a good one. In fact, your reinforcement of it was fucking superb in my humble opinion, however, lemme point out where she was a total hypocrite. Without recounting the dialogue word for word, there was the human partner's penchant for using a Mataver Revolver. She insisted he use an automatic like everyone else since it was "my ass on the line."

This is where I call just a bit of bullshit on Kusanagi because she didn't take into consideration that the human partner's shots would have been more well-placed, well-timed and he would conserve on ammunition by not doing the "Spray and Pray" Method. She wants him on the team because he thinks differently but he thinks differently about weapons and suddenly that's wrong.

You have to admit it's an interesting intellectual inconsistency

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I think that little piece is in there on purpose to highlight exactly what you just explained. At least that's how I took it. She is a hypocrite, and he was a good shot with that gun, proving you right, which is why I think what you've described was intended by the writers. He proved her wrong because she had the high tech blinders on.

and fuck the live action version for not finding an asian for the role In my opinion they ruined a fantastic movie.

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Not to mention using the revolver means he was easily able to chamber a tracking round and tag the number plate of the getaway vehicle. I believe she acknowledges that much at least.

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A better question would be if they could travel back in time by flying fast enough around a sun, with the primary objective being to obtain a whale from the past that can speak to a whale-speaking alien monolith in the future where whales have become extinct and humanity has somehow lost any ability to emulate whale calls digitally, does anything after that point really matter?

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Maybe using impulse. The warp drive theory is creating a warp bubble, essentially reducing their relative mass to zero. It's a work around to exceed the speed of light.

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Funny thing about impulse, since it is near-luminal, it is advised that Federation Starships use it sparingly, due to it still being constrained by special relativity. It still pushes them farther into the future, faster than, say, Earth.

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Tachyon inertia spin causes a Cascade failure in latent positronic networks.

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... does this mean no space buttplugs?

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HPOP would know the answer I'm sure.

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Can't use replicators, but we bred a very friendly hairless tribble that doesn't require much oxygen.

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Why didn't they just use the transporter to teleport the ring to Mount Doom

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