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[–] RJKH 1 points 122 points (+123|-1) ago 

You're completely right, it seems like it is completely off the radar. It has been since the Confederate flag thing. I haven't heard much of anything, and silence is worrisome...


[–] markh110 1 points 91 points (+92|-1) ago 

There's the conspiracy theory part of me that thinks the confederate flag and gay rights were timed to coincide with a period where we all needed to be placated while something big happens behind the scenes...


[–] RJKH 0 points 61 points (+61|-0) ago 

I wouldn't go as far as the shootings and Confederate flag thing being a conspiracy theory, but here's my take:

Shootings happen, protesting and outrage over Confederate flag, media picks up on it, uproar lasts slightly longer as usual, 24-hour news cycle latches onto it and gives the story far more coverage than it needed for far too long at the order of their corporate owners who are involved in TPP negotiations.

Flags are literally the easiest symbol for an American to understand. Flags come with specific meanings for americans, so when the media starts arguing about "Flag good?! Flag bad, bad bad!", it is so damn easy to get a bunch of idiots swept up in it.


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don't forget the Pao/Voat/Reddit schism thingy. It managed to get all the meddling kids preoccupied with something else and let the adults at the big table take care of business.


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People accredit to much competence to the leaders. Manufacturing a large news event is very difficult and not something that would be done unless there was extreme pressure on them. News stories come on a regular basis. It is better to use an existing event to hide behind than to make one.

For example terrorists hit France and attract world attention so Russia moves forward in the Ukraine without anyone noticing. It would be rediculous to think that the Russians did Charlie Hebdo but it is far from unrealistic to think that the Russians realised that the attack in Paris gave them 50 hours to do whatever with minimal attention.


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And Reddit CEO change drama, since Reddit played such a big role in shutting g down stuff the corporate godlets have wanted in the past like SOPA. Manufactured distraction and dilution of organized discontented masses. But it's becoming more like trying to nail jello to the wall - we jump to a new place, reorganize, then refocus on what's really important.


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It's almost like the TPP was used as a distraction to keep the conspiracy theorists busy. Makes me wonder what we missed.


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Nothing that the govt does, truly has only one goal. They more agendas you can serve with a single move, the more likely the change will actually stick.

I'm not saying your idea is impossible, but short of ww3, I can't imagine what could be more important than a true corporate takeover of the "free-world."

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Its a subscriber only article :(


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Trying to jack the top comment here: I realize many of us hate "the other place" for removing news on the topic, but there is /r/TPPartnership, which is ideally a place to promote news and awareness about the topic without fear of censorship, as it's the focus of the subreddit, and hopefully give it the exposure it needs. We could ALWAYS use more hands trying to spread the word about the TPP.

EDIT: Also, decided it was pointless to not have a subverse on the topic, so please feel free to visit /v/tppartnership for news on and discusison of the TPP.