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makes sense if the Yakuza control it in Japan while Jews control the industry in USA. Here are the search terms btw the industry is in demand, the magazines, the DVDs, i suppose also connected with a wider industry of hookers, drugs, human trafficking etc Strange how there is a weird self hate kind of weird ethnomasochist self cultural hate there is a strange ethnomasochism thing in US or German porn or the industry, White men started letting the Jews create mass amounts of cuck porn and blacked propaganda, its kind of funny or sick or amusing or a mental illness?


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From my conversations with people from all over the world us bible culture is very anti body and anti female body thinking pure chastity is how even married women should behave.

It is obviously why the usa is such a warlike culture.

The supression of human sexuality always leads to this behavior. Its why a lot of porn stars come from bible oppressive families. They are fighting back against their familial roots of sexial repression.

Medical science is still a dinosaur when it comes to human sexuality.

Its why rich republicans have sex with each other at bohemian grove and have sex with boys they are close too. I have heard sheriff work camps are ogrys for cops and kids. They used to rape and murder them.

Thats why conservacucks are such warmongering faggots. Its why the catholic cuck church doesn’t allow priests to have sex and nuns to be chaste.

And yet war is seen as a fact of life.