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The films and reddit imgur crap is stupid you can easily see some of the most dumb, worst and most bizarre adult films available turning off the nsfw filter on a site like reddit or twitter. Religious and moral and social opposition talks about including concerns about modesty, human dignity, chastity. Religious conservatives commonly oppose pornography, along with a subset of feminists, though their reasoning may differ. Porn is for lonely old losers to relieve themselves, live some stupid smut fantasy and let it out? I have no doubt Japan porn is also degenerate, hentai i think its called, the whole youth lolita thing. It's possible the industry connects with drug running, human trafficking, closely related to those on prostitution, on BDSM, and other issues. Pornography in general is filth and degenerate. However in Japan porn models idol models calendar girls are all JAPANESE but in many of the West in 'White Nations' there is this weird ethnomasochist self cultural hate there is a strange ethnomasochism thing going on? U.S. adults, 66% believe that pornography is "morally wrong". In scientific studies they look into the male addiction and there are publications that extensive viewing of pornographic material produces many unfavorable sociological effect. It can break up the picture of the model family and Women reduced to sex objects. One feminist approach was designed to permit survivors of crime when the crime was the result of pornographic influence to sue the pornographers. Some fag here on voat called RamblinRambo from reddit one time famously spammed up all the Conservative Alt Right subs on voat with this weird black negroid bang gang filth banging on blonde women possibly exposing himself as a stupid Low IQ degenerate, what the fuck is up with these people?


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People like you who don’t like porn usually think a female virgin had god as a child and the female body is something to be afraid of as sex is nothing except for procreation.

People like you have no idea women can have an orgasm.

People like you are usually sexually repressed and channel that energy into support for jew warmongering.

People like you are also found didling kids, having sex with other men, or basically asexual when it ces to womens needs.

People like who hate porn automatically trigger my bullshot detection system as you always come out and preach against it like some wild eyed crazy pastor stealing from his flock.

Conservativism is the ideology of repressed serfs who when they invade a nation and openly balk at the open sexuality of the females in non christian sexually reperessed society.

People like you are the reason why porn exists, why women are globally sexually repressed and yet your kind acts like simps around women because you really are afraid of female sexuality.

People like you are the primary cause of feminism.

People like you act all holy roller but deep down you are all just sexually repressed psychos who are afriad of the female form and the “icky” things it does.

Its why only recently men could watch their children being born.

People like you burnt women at the stake for not being sexually repressed wannabe macho faggots.

Burn in hell, with the rest of your sexually repressed brethren you cuck faggot.


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Dude you have no fucking clue, why do you think I'm selling you it your upbringing? Do you have some weird trauma or agenda? and stop talking think with your head not with your diseased dick. Go out and meet people in real life. I mean meet and maybe even have sex with a real person and not some prostitute you picked up, maybe even find a wife if thats what you need. You have no idea who i am, I could be an Atheist from Argentina, I could be a Buddhist from HongKong, quit with your 'People like you who' bullshit and think, just THINK about the stupid smut industry who funds it and why?