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It's a generational thing.

You tend to judge all Zelda games by the first one you fell,in love with. For most 90s kids, that's oot. But the Zelda franchise is one of the few in gaming history that has consistently improved with each release.

The faggots who claim it was a bad game for the times, chances are pretty fucking good they didn't play it until years later. That, or they're mindless parrots trying to be edgy.

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Why can't people just appreciate the classics? It seems like Voat is the only place where gamers actually respect games for what they are instead of mindlessly hating on them for being popular.

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Because kids are, as a rule, idiots. It takes time and perspective to appreciate the achievements of previous generations, and most can't differentiate between the innovative and the derivative.

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Honestly, Ocarina of Time was a masterwork for what it did, and if only from a technical point of view alone. For instance, there were severe worries that the N64 cartridge would simply have not enough storage for OoT's pseudo-open world system, and an early idea was to make it like Super Mario 64 - Ganondorf's castle as a central hub from which you could access the various dungeons.

And that is before you consider stuff like the limited RAM or the small texture cache.

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its hipster shit. also plenty of kids prolly watched egoraptors vid, and never even played it. as an adult the story for any zelda game does nothing for me, but as a child i dont think anything could be more epic than the story and progression through oot. having said that if i had never played it and picked it up as an adult i can def see myself getting into more than something like botw.

with majoras mask, my immersion was destroyed when i walked out into termina field, that design most of all killed the game for me though i still liked it. i was fairly young when wind waker came out, i was so disappointed the serious tone from the n64 titles were gone. i liked twilight princess but there was something slightly off with the characters you interact with in that world. there was something stale about it, except for midna. BOTW prolly has more interesting combat though i havent played it, but the story doesnt seem near as interesting as past games. gameplay through the 3d zelda entries never drastically improved imo, it comes down to whats a more grand story, oot wins without question.

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I absolutely hate Majora's Mask and I only put in about five hours in the newest one before setting it down and never going back. I know why I hate mm; they put a fucking time limit on an adventure game. I simply don't like the newest one.

Windwaker was fine up until fishing for the triforce.

Twilight princess sort of lost my interest toward the end. People made such a big fuss about how fantastic and intense the fight with ganondorf was, but it was overly long and not even challenging. A serious fight shouldn't only take away a quarter of a heart when being hit.

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I've enjoyed them since the original Legend of Zelda on NES came out (still my favorite). Each later one adds more and more and fucking more conversation you can't skip. I really like the graphical style of Windwaker, but the dialog just drags on and on. Twilight Princess is even worse, despite otherwise being interesting. It reminds me of a Square game, including the character art.

Majora's Mask was interesting in its deviation from the norm. Once you got in the rhythm of things it wasn't a big deal to plan what you'd do before you reset time. I admit I played OoT much more than MM.

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My favorites were a Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, but, now that you mention it, the unskippable dialogue may be the reason OoT doesn't overtake one of those for me.

With the innovation over time, the younger crowd may hate the camera controls and that breaks the game for them. One of my favorite games is Resident Evil 4, and I recently went back to play it and I couldn't adapt. Controls and camera are so streamlined now that going back to play one of my favorite games is hard to do, and I would imagine that someone who had never had to use those methods take them for granted.

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Because they judge a 20 year old game with modern standards , they also hate people who lived 2000 years ago for not abiding to 20th century norms .

There is also the evolution aspect: action-adventure games are drastically improving year after year so very old ones look antiquated , at the other hand the RPG genre is declining so youngsters badmouthing Torment or Arcanum are usually spanked .