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Normal what?

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What is normal

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Go to San Francisco during the Gay Pride Parade. Look around you. If you resemble any of those people in any way, you're not normal.

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the only 'normal' is entropy.

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Depends on the culture and society.

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Within a functional state of being. Being within the acceptable standard.

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Pay taxes. Vote for your candidate. Never question anything. Shun anything having to do with “conspiracy”. Eat at restaurants. Buy GMO food. Go to church. Wear a cross. Quote bible versus. Support non profits. Hang out with only other normies. Go to the movies. Never question the police killings going on almost daily.

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The quintessential normie. Dont know why you get the downvote.

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Yes you do. There is a constant whinge fest by larpers here to push an agenda and get rid of anyone who questions reality. Some of them have alt accounts and downvoat me with their alts. Yesterday two people downvoated me with 20 negative voats after I triggered them they downvoated all of my comments on my comment history. Thats why I get a new account every day and have for a year and a half.

Voat isn’t for “free speech” it is just another cul-de-sack for people to circle jerk and worship their overlords.

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because we are on an internet website full of people whose entire existence is dedicated towards pushing society towards a final battle royale so they can prove the world right and execute the left and thats totally reasonable apoarently.

notice there are many about who not only hate the left, but also want the centre dead as well as they know damn fucking well you cant have a full on fucking dictatorship when youve got a big ass silent ball of normies that just plain dont fucking agree with you or you would already have your way in just the same way that the retarded extreme left wont get their way either.

no conversion to dictatorship means people have to actually think about their actions because theyre gonna get fucking held accountable for them at the other side no matter who wins. These cunts arent soldiers being ordered to do shit, this is retarded pseudo political basement dwelling gunfags that want to kill people for disagreeing with them, just like Antifags want to do to them.

centrists and normies often get downvoated around here. i cant speak for anyone else but it doesnt fucking bother me one little bit. Im here because people let me have my say for the most part. Ya can shove the fake internet points up your arse.

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I never question the 100s of more nigger on nigger killings daily. They're doing raptor Jesus's work imo.

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Did you make this account just so you could make this comment? Cute, and obvious. Enjoy your downvoats.