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[–] freespeechwarrior 1 points 80 points (+81|-1) ago 

It may sound crazy but you could attempt to talk to them. A friend had noisy neighbors that wouldn't quit so he made a parabolic microphone that would pick up everything they said, then he hacked their bluetooth and piped their own voices back through their stereo system at random times. They ended up moving out because they thought the house was haunted.


[–] wuzizname 1 points 21 points (+22|-1) ago 

Haha, really consider that - being an adult and talking to other people.

I would definitely do this first, op. Even if you think they're scumbags don't be a homo and write an anon note or call the cops before going over and introducing yourself and asking them politely to turn the tunes down or asking them to buy some decent bluetooth headphones or a mp3 player when they're mowing the lawn.

Kids run around in diapers too, all the time. Man up and don't be a passive aggressive douche.


[–] bob3333 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago 

Talking to people only works when you know they're mature adults. If they're not, you just tipped them off about who's calling the police on them and they will seek revenge.


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I disagree completely. Anyone that's a big enough asshole to play music that loudly and often will enjoy your suffering. They will do it more knowing it bothers you most times.


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It depends on where someone's at in life. There have been times in my life where I just left a note, then reported them if necessary. The reason I avoided direct confrontation is that I'd just had enough of humans and probably would have gone to jail if they were anything but 100% respectful. I've seen friends avoid confronting people because of PTSD, and social anxiety too. It's not a good idea to go around throwing insults until you know the whole situation.


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If you speak to them (as if you'd need to???), you'll be the prime suspect when you have to escalate.

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[–] freespeechwarrior 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Write the letter by shooting holes in the paper? Just a thought... :)


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No need for a confrontation. Just a simple "Hey, do you guys mind turning it down a bit" will work wonders.


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LOL that's awesome