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I was injured once for 6 months. Lived on the couch. Guess what? I ate way less, and was still able to use dumbbells. I didn't gain a single pound, and kept most of my muscle mass. When I was able to get back to my routine, only took a few weeks to regain my strength and physique. There are not excuses, you fat loser. Get back in shape, then get verified. Until then, quit reeing you fat, disgusting blob.


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Allow me to analyze the situation for you. You go unto a mocking sub expecting sympathy. Are you retarded? Then you come here whining, trying to pull the Alpha card despite it being obvious you never participated much. You think we can't see that?

I don't like FPH, but I'd have thrown you out too!


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It's in their rules, fatty, you should read them. Now quit with the Reeeeeeing and fuck off with your bullshit.


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I support them just like I support v/truthhurts. It's their sub. It is their rules. They might be stupid rules, but freedom of expression includes curating a sub however you want to. That includes their freedom to say you can't speak there. This doesn't infringe on your liberty to start and curate your own sub, like v/iamfat.


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We have cripples in the sub that post pretty frequently. They are not fat fucks. Hawking was not a fatty. Most quadriplegics aren't. You control your fork. Stop being a whiny bitch and take some god damned responsibility for your crappy choices.


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Have you really been here that long? If you have you should know better than to ree about dumb shit like this. Sorry you broke your back, that couldnt have been easy... but shut the fuck up. Lose the weight and they will let you back in so you can return to fat shaming.


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It's their sub. I dont really give a fuck as long it's not illegal.


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This post of yours is... something. Like I told you already, I would have never known you were fat if you didn't post about it. The subverse is called "Fat People Hate" and you went around saying you were fat, then sent similiar message(s) to modmail. I even said I would lift the ban if you got verified, which shouldn't be hard considering (and this is your words) you're only "a point above" a normal BMI.

For clarification, this was the users comment:

I hate fat people because: a strain on the healthcare system, they smell, they are uncomfortable to move around, they take all the space in public transport, planes, they are unpleasant to look at and they are committing a capital sin, as well as 200 other perfectly valid reasons with arguments behind them other than 'hate them because I'm just hateful'. Also, I'm fat as well and I still hate people that are as fat as me for the same reasons. Because I know those reasons first hand. I'm doing something about it while I still can though, instead of complaining other people 'don't accept me for who I am'.

You could've just said you hated fat people and left it at that and nobody would've been any wiser. Lose the weight, get verified, and I'll lift the ban just like I had said. No need to be this dramatic.

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