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Are you kidding? I was never a Socialist and never an atheist but I bought the whole multicultural bullshit wholeheartedly.

Then I went out into the world and learned it was all crap.

There's six rules.

6 - Western civilization is BETTER than any other civilization.

5 - Christianity is BETTER than any other religion

4 - Capitalism is BETTER than socialism.

Here come the big ones

3 - Straight people are BETTER then gay people

2 - Men are BETTER than women

and the number one rule

1 - White people are BETTER than EVERYBODY.

Everyone KNOWS this is true. They just don't LIKE it.

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Could you explain point 5 to me? Christianity being the best religion?

I personally am Japanese folk (shintoism+buddhism), if not athiest. What would convince me to convert?

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Nothing. Christianity is LITERALLY Judaism in a fancy dress. ALL the books come from jewish books. There is no debate, you can literally read where the old and new testament were drawn from. It's a jew religion in every sense. Even Jesus was a fucking Jew. The "savior of humans" .....was a JEW. Religious people can never seem to swallow that pill. There is no mention of Jesus outside religious text for nearly 100 years after his death. One day, these morons will spend the time researching what they are scared to prove to themselves. Until then, they are just wrong.

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The first step is to learn what Christians mean by God. This is explained by Saint Thomas Aquinas in his Five Ways, which he describes as five proofs of God, though they are not proofs in the modern sense, they are definitions. In each he describes an aspect of the universe and ends by saying "this everyone gives the name God."


Spend some time thinking about the Five Ways and reflecting on the nature of God and whether you believe this God exists.

If, after thinking about if for some time you conclude that God does exist, consider what it would mean to be the Son of God.

Only after all that, get a copy of the Bible and read the New Testament.

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While I am a Christian I have always considered Shintoism+Buddhism though I know relatively little of it to be a respectable religion. This goes for Japanese people in general as well. If I am not dealing with whites I hope I'm dealing with Japanese.

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The best religion is the one where you venerate a completely new deity every week. I think you're good as-is. Throwing in different pantheons just makes things more interesting.

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Similar story to mine. I was a huge lefty faggot, until I learned about the real world. Then, it was just a point of being honest with myself, and my transformation was complete.

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I never bought the multicult bollocks, but it would be good to share a beer with someone with your current outlook. I try to redpill my current circle, but they're too far gone.

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This was me. I have always been conservative and Christian. But I completely bought into the "buy the world a coke" multicultural propaganda. I also had a naive faith that my government existed for my benefit.

Both of those ideas have gone in the trash

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The internet is a pretty wonderful tool

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conspiracy says WTC bombing 1993 was an inside job ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9p1AnhDzWg

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I used to be a full-blown communist. Then in eighth grade when the primaries for the 2016 elections were going on, I suddenly notice that everyone was only regurgitating what mainstream media said and decided to become a counter to it. I found myself being a socialist (my trashing of the stupid ideology was a slow one) supporting some candidate everyone called the culmination of fat capitalist, evil, racist, white males that wanted to be the next Hitler. It was not until when Trump won the 2016 election that I threw away leftism completely and went right very fast, from supporting civic nationalism and all that to supporting the white identity and letting them have their own lands despite being an Asian. I doubt it'll change from here, the data and truth is literally right there.

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We’ve got teenagers on this site?


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Gen z is super conservative. I’d imagine the edgy high schoolers use voat

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I started browsing this site as a teen

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Wah? There's not too many teens here?

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My first reaction was the same, but then again I did lie and say I was 18 to go on /b/ as a teen, so I guess everyone finds their place in this whirlwind

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I grew up working summer jobs listening to Rush Limbaugh and Jason Lewis. I was a hardcore Republican for a long time. Then I started reading Voat and all that changed again. I dont know what the fuck I am these days but I hate the right almost as much as the left. You know the saying the left wing and right wing are attached to the same bird? I'm figuring out who the fuck the bird is.

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I'm figuring out who the fuck the bird is.

This. This is the actual bird

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pretty much

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I used to be an idealist and now I'm a cynic. Working in customer service, amongst other things, happened.

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Yeah, for sure.

I've always leaned right, but when I was younger I was more of a libertarian.

Then I met more people. Learned that even people who are supposed to be intelligent, educated can be complete fuck ups. That others are losers who have no place in society and can't be trusted with even the slightest modicum of responsibility or power.

Life hit me hard, I guess.

Don't know what I am anymore, but I don't call myself libertarian.

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Libertarian can definitely work just fine in a white ethnocentric Christian nationalist nation. Nowhere else

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No it can't. Not unless you go back to 1500's. There are WAY too many reasons it doesn't work, I have never heard good rebuttals for even the most basic issues. There are too many people and the world is too different to be full libertarian. That is if you're hardcore libertarian and want to mostly eliminate the government. And not a light libertarian who just wants more autonomy outside government.

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Libertarian can definitely work just fine

No it can't.

The libertarian religion prohibits them from closing the borders and hunting down communists.

So as soon as you start with a white christian nationalist but libertarian nation, they intentionally allow it to change and be subverted, and you end up with something else.

If youre an ethnocentric Christian nationalist you can become a libertarian, but as soon as you become a libertarian you cant stay ethnocentric Christian nationalist.

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No. The Democrats were a bit nutty but drove themselves farther left. The Republicans under bush was pretty much Democrats but came right as shitty practices were recognized and changed. The duo parties still primarily vote against Americans and act as a uniparty. There are neo-cons and neo-demos(corporate sponsered party members) which are literally fascist by definition. They should become thier own party. Ive been moderate but leaned Libertarian for the last two decades. Now the leftist have been calling for a split for left libertarian but those are shills.

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