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But seriously, humans are competitive by design virtue signalling is competitive posturing.

Also it's safer to bitch and brag omn social media then go sabotage or frame evil enemies. Our radicals face same problem as antifa plus goverment ands media love to assault and blame us.

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I’m not demanding we try and take the fight to the Jew right this very moment. But for the love of god can we not just devolve into evolutionarily backward savages for the purpose of showing just how much we fit in with the fucking group? It’s growing to the point where I legitimately suspect half of the posts on the front of Voat are made by Jewish psy ops trying to direct attention away from other key issues going on elsewhere across the globe.

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If it counts I'm a real person recently redpilled on JQ. I would dox myself if I gave examples but ive made some actions and changes.

What we regular schlubs need are actionable ideas. Ones that will push but not get us thrown in jail or lose our jobs.

Antifa has soros bucks and community herd mentality even they've done jackall as well.

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I had some thuggish illegals in neighborhood I turned in to a .gov agency on a technicality.



*I've followed some assholes with anti 2nd amendment bumper stickers to their houses.

  • I've stared down some uppity thugs. In public and neighborhood

*put some white boys raised by single moms back in line and in respectable ways. Showed them how a man behaves and can wield strength reservedly but not cowardly.

*Bought food and wepons.

*I've made "that's racist" into a joke at work.

*followed some troublesome teens back to their house and sat out front until they got real nervous.



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Whatever I run with 3 klans and we only commit hate crimes!

I've got death threats from trannys and pantifas. But whatever I do what I want!

In case reference doesnt make sense:


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God that scene was glorious. I also particularly enjoyed the scenes where Cartman recreated the confederacy, and the scene where he rallied everyone under the Nazi flag.

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i member that.

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Pantifa? That sounds incredibly sexy and exciting.

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Of only. Reality is moldilocks.

If you dont get reference I'd advise against websearch.

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When /r/TheDonald was banned, mostly. But it really has always been this way, Voat being the refuge for this banned from Reddit - chiefly because of right-wing ideology on their part.

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If you're on Voat, I don't think you're solving problems.

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Back in the day when I was a lurker, I remember when the front page had some instructional information on a variety of topics. Now we have at times four posts of the same discussion reaching the front page at a time. Voat used to be at least somewhat about solving problems, or at the very least identifying the issues facing the white community.

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It all seems to be just learning with no purpose, though. Most people would not make good leaders, though, like myself. I am more of an intellectual that'd be an advisor to a leader if anything. It's odd that I would be fascist and a follower at the same time, but it's a common sense necessity and reality that you have a majority of fascist followers if you think about it.

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4 out of your 8 posts have been whining about the way the site is. You failed to change the website the way you think it should be. It's not that hard to submit links and make discussion topics.

It's not a static website. It's dynamic and in a state of flux with different viewpoints growing stronger and weaker in waves. Perhaps you should adjust your naive expectations.

You also gave 0 examples of any claim you made.

bullsh*t that they hammered from their keyboard

Oh, like you?

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Funny reddit fags are infesting Voat like shitty little bugs and you say I have no proof? It’s practically the swarm of locusts upon Egypt, oh and I’m sorry for having to state the same point four times because people like you sit by while the site I came to know 2 years ago dies a slow death. Also I don’t have expectations regarding Voat, if it dies, it dies. Don’t try and act like I have set aside a checklist inside my head for fucking Voat. My regrets if this is too much for you to digest, but when a mostly conservative site is in a state of flux we are in for an impending shit storm. It may be one day or one year from now by it will hit, it happened to reddit, don’t think it can’t happen to us.

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It's been in a flux since the day it started. People are not robots. They come and go. It's perfectly normal.

people like you sit by

I contribute a lot of material to the site.

If you had a genuine interest in changing circumstances, you would view visitors from Reddit as people you could red pill and potentially turn into allies. Strength in numbers.

Also I don’t have expectations regarding Voat, if it dies, it dies.

So you're indifferent to the future of Voat. Lol, then why are you feigning concern and stirring up drama with your concern trolling post? Mixed signals much? Are you a bipolar woman, by chance?

You sound very angry and emotional. I hope your day gets better, lil' lady.

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You're talking out your asshole, friendo.

Not happy with the content, do something about it.

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It’s hard to fight a literal tsunami of noxious fetid shit as one voater. And who the fuck besides a degenerate reddit user or Gen Z reject uses the term fucking ‘friendo?’

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Or shut up about it.