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If you loan me $1000 dollars and I can't pay it back, I'm in trouble.

If you loan me $20,000,000,000,000.00 and I can't pay it back, YOU'RE IN TROUBLE.

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It's astroturfing, just like all the Anti-Elon Musk posts.

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China lies about their economic powers.
Shit look what happened in 2015, who's saying it won't happen again?
I mean damn, I just lost 2000 because I wasn't paying attention to the trade war.
but totally worth it to watch the RMB become REVALUED AGAIN

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2015 was the slowest rate of growth in over 25 years, but that’s not even close to the forecasted collapse and devastation of the Chinese economy that’s being circlejerked across the entirety of Voat.

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To buy up China on the cheap.

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The whole banking syndicate is fucked. To put in in terms anybody can understand, we have tied all our banks together, like tethering a group of planes to each other but one falls, you have to hope the rest will keep it aloft rather than dragging everyone to the ground.

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Yup, and not only does it have the risk of collapse, there is the collateral damage that occurs when it crash lands and shits on everyone elses day. But at the end of the day everything’s run by the Jews, so we should just take our overlords punishments like good Goy.