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Neither. Debt adjustment. It's not payable nor can the (((creditor))) take a viable recorse.

The debt is a doomsday clock that denotes Israeli stranglehold on u.s.a


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Inflation is complicated because the actual amount of printed physical dollars is something like 75$ per american. Silver or gold currency for 7 billion people would make your house worth about 2 oz of silver.

So we literally don't have paper for weimar, zimbabwe, etc. Scenario. Hyper inflation could happen digitally.

I think a massive bank hack will collapse our system before debt. I say this as a former employee of multiple banks and IT guy who has worked with major corporations and goverments own servers.

I think states need to withdraw from federal currency and reissue their own. Texas bucks > cali bucks

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But japan has us for military and big brother bucks. We have no one to prop us up.

We are more vulnerable then everyone imagines. Nukes and civilian arms are only real strength left. Obama tried to smash both.


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yeah i dont think the us is paying off any mega debt it doesnt want to.

or giving a fuck about mega debts

or anyone starting a war over us megadebts.

i can see the US starting wars if anyone dared to seize US property (government or private) to pay off the debt, which brings us back to the first point.

I dont see the US paying off any megadebt it doesnt want to.

"I know, lets be instrumental in creating an international legal framework for nations to co-operate and collectively enforce laws.... first order of business. We will call it the League of Nations."

"Yeah we would like to limit undue influence of the United States over other non enemy territories"

"I dont think i want to join that club. I know, lets be instrumental in creating an international legal framework for nations to co-operate and collectively enforce laws. We will call it the United Nations"

"The UN votes in favour of sanctioning the United States for unpaid debts..."

"Yeah nah veto bro. No one gonna be sanctioning us.... Australia. Hit them up broz.:"


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Some serious rumors tge entire Bundy ranch situation was because Reid had promised chinese huge swaths of BLM land.

Proof? go look into the owners of Nevada solar fields.


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It is not that big of a deal because it is all fiat. Of that, 50% of "the debt" is held by banks that use it as leverage so they cant be waved out of existance in the blink of an eye by government administrative process without making at least someone call their congressmen. Another part, about 1/3 of the "debt" is of the govt owing itself money, so it doesnt really count. The rest is held by the other world nations who can be sanctioned and invaded if they call in the tab on the US like belgium, netherlands, luxembourg


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The best thing anyone can really do to prepare for something like this is consider the philosophies and religion you live by. Surviving is easy, enduring is difficult. With the right set of mental skills you could survive losing all material possessions and family yet not pain.

Our understanding of our world is under attack. Antiintelectualism uses analogies that are pleasing to the ear but have no usefulness. Or lie. I saw the disney channel yesterday and for whatever lesson a child learns, homosexual mannerisms(depicted by a gonzo-like character visiting the muppets, def gay) or some other detriment is set before them. Like hypnotic character illustrations,, one character, a computer made female with golden curly hair,, her face and hair are a rough fractal design with spirals in her hair: it's a hypnotic drawing, uses complex symmetry to make the kid go 'woaaa'(cue the artist stare).

Thanks for letting me share. I'll keep coming back to see the 50% deep state generated post