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The existance of God.

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I respect that belief. Completely. Because it was me. I was a hard, hard atheist for a long time. Most of my life. I was the guy who destroyed a lot of Christian's faith in God. And it isn't hard. Because a lot of Christians don't know how to defend their beliefs. I ended up finding God for myself in what I'd call a rigorous way. But having come from a point of atheism, I very much respect the fact of being there. But granted, I do 100% wish for people to at some point come to believe what I do.

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I also transitioned from hardcore, Hitchens & 4 Horsemen atheist to full faith Christian. I completely respect intelligent atheists.

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I went from generic "Hawking-moderno-judeo" atheist to hardcore Latin-mass Catholic. Luckily I was already a scientistic-atheist at 12 and converted by 21, or else I would have wasted my adulthood living that way. A close call.

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I found God after researching the laughable concept of flat earth.

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Oh wow, are you me?

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Only a fool would deny the existence of a Creator.

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Who created the creator?

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Yeah, right. See the problem with people like you is that I respect your beliefs. You do not respect mine.

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Do you believe in the devil? If the abrahmic religions are truly monotheistic what the hell is the devil? He lives forever. He has influence over humans to try to get them to do evil stuff... he can torture people for eternity so he lives forever? What is he a lower level god ???

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Have you ever entertained the idea of a recursive existence? Maybe we were all made by that crazy guy at the bus stop, and we exist within a lepton contained inside a single cell in Oprahs butthole.

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You just described Hell.

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Time is a flat circle.

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I used to respect people who believed things on faith, until I realised that I was affording them a consideration that 1. they had not actually earned, and 2. was meaningless. In short people who believe don't deserve squat because of it. In fact it can be argued that believing in something that does not exist is a form of madness, therefore though these believers are free to do whatever they want there are consequences in the form of less social freedom and influence. Basically crazy people don't get to hold office, or vote for that matter. And etc.

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Yes, it can be argued that believing in something that doesn't exist is madness.

I don't even have to talk to you very long to know that you hold at least one such belief. Everyone does. Your point is moot.

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I am a pretty understandable type, albeit with strong opinions of my own, and I can (and actually want to) understand some of the standard argument viewpoints.

The problem lies in the fact that many of the opinions other people believe are based on Utopian fantasies and an incorruptible human nature approach.

Immigration: Compassion is a very strong emotion in many people, and the opinions that immigration is a good thing ignores the 'stealing the best from the poor countries' argument, and also 'the immigrants will work to improve the economy' fallacy. When presented with facts, immigration is almost universally a bad thing.

Socialism: Everyone working together is a very benevolent ideal. And only works if everyone is on board with the cause and willing to sacrifice while still being productive. The fact that human nature shows people to be lazy and selfish and out for themselves (which I completely agree with being able to be) leads to increasing conflicts among the citizens and the collapse of society due to downgrading everyones place in Maslow's Hierarchy.

All in all, I understand where most of these opinions are coming from, but in the grand scheme of things, all of those opinions are flat out wrong.

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"It's just a parasitic blob of tissue."

Because it had better be. Otherwise, you've supported the most enormous mass-murder of the most innocent and most defenseless humans in the history of mankind; you would be a willing piece of unparalleled evil.

I understand this. There's got to be abso-fuckin-lutely no doubt that the fetal form of the human organism is not a human.

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A fetus is human life, the only effective argument for abortion is fucking personhood. Which in of itself is rarely ever used as a reason to off human beings out of the womb, whether in the case of euthanasia or criminal execution. When it comes to abortion you could host the olympics with how many mental gymnastics it takes to view a fetus as a being with no legal rights.

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"It's a baby, not a blob of tissue."

Ok, given the number of naturally aborted blastocysts, how do you pay for all the murder investigations? Is a mother taken to jail for not reporting her body naturally aborting her baby? Are the doctors complicit?

We put birthed humans into insanely expensive equipment to keep them alive, and we charge them and the family for it. How could anyone afford the same for these totally not a blob of tissue babies?

What happens if the mother has a bad diet and their baby dies. Do we investigate if the diet has anything to do with it?

Smoking? Drinking?

What happens if she is at fault in a car wreck and is no longer pregnant afterwards? Murder charges?

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I nose you'd agree that there are many blobs of tissue on walking around, that should've been aborted.

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How does the body naturally abort the baby? If you have a link I could read that is trustworthy I'd appreciate it. I'll search it on my own if you chose not to provide one.

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Yeah. Even more good reasons why, "it had better be."

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An action which is not conscious can be neither rational or intentional. A naturally aborted blastocyst, therefore, falls outside of the realm of moral choice or moral substance, i.e. no blame. A conscious human decision effecting a natural process of development from without does constitute something which can be analyzed morally.

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"There is a reasonable chance that engaging in this action results in the mass murder of innocents, so I won't do it."

Not that hard.

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Doesn't matter, because you will never get an answer by counting. It's like, when does a pile of sand become a mound? The point is it's the potential to human life. You have to ask yourself then, why is it wrong to kill someone?

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As soon as you realize that in the vast majority of cases, and without any conscious/intentional human intervention, that is what it would become by natural design and the nascent processes already at work. It's not that you aren't allowing something to happen. It's that you are stopping it. If a woman could stop it from within it would be one thing, but we can only stop it from without. And using pretty barbaric means.

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When does it become a human?

In my home its a human after the first trimester.

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This is a tough one. The position I've settled on is that the abortionist and the woman are murderers, but shouldn't be put in cages. They should be ostracised.

It's definitely a life and it's definitely human. But I don't see the benefit to forcing this practice underground where it will continue in more dangerous way, or in paying to incarcerate these people. I don't want anything to do with them, though.

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That helping people on the lowest rungs of society is some kind of moral duty. I understand it, what happens though is the more you try to help the more of them move in. There's no statistics showing an appreciative social benefit of any kind, for example, there aren't more homeless people getting jobs, statistics show the opposite.

Worse than that. People who are working get fed up because their taxes have been rising decade over decade with no real tangible change other than more and more poor people showing up.

Then those working people leave and you get societal collapse and that doesn't help anybody.

The part I can't understand is why people can't work their way through this line of thought from beginning to end. It's like you're trying to explain aerospace to them.

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The part I can't understand is why people can't work their way through this line of thought from beginning to end.

That's the most obvious part.

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why people can't work their way through this line of thought from beginning to end.

Because they've been sheltered and can keep the naive ideal of people's inherent goodness because they're lucky to be kept from evil. All those that were exposed to it and learned differently are the evil ones.

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"We need to save our English cousins and take then as refugees!"

Sure, people feel a kinship with the country the colonists came from. Makes sense.

Except is utterly retarded because England is fucked up as a DIRECT RESULT of the very people they want to take as refugees. I see this shit on voat!

They need to save their country or die trying. If they come here they'll infect us all.

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TV Watchers.

But they can learn the truth and stop watching.

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"It's okay to have sex with girls in their middle teens."

I don't agree, but I can understand a few reasons why folks might think it is okay.

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Well, there are probably some teenagers on here, so it could make sense then. Otherwise, not really.

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While I can't even stand women in their twenties and couldn't possibly spend any time around a teenager, I remember being a pre teen and there were a few girls already begging for it. By the time I was 13-14 it was pretty much the norm. I sort of have this belief that if they want it, no harm no foul. But then I see these 25+ males with a girl who's like 17 and it just makes my stomach turn. In the end, I don't care about much of anything, I just try to forget it.

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Yeah, I can understand it but it's not for me. I'm old and kind of like having a missus that I can relate to. I'd have nothing in common with someone that age.

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Pretty much everything Voat believes as a collective.

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What about the existence of non-physical entities or intelligences?

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I'm open to the possibility.

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I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

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