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There used to be a pool hall near me that I would frequent. Two doors down from them was a Subway. I went in there to get a sandwich because I didn't have much time (there was a tournament and I only had a few minutes between matches). I went in there and saw the lady behind the counter changing the diaper of her infant on the back table. Wasn't in front where they prepare the food, but still. So many health code violations for what they did. I didn't even order, I walked out, went back to the pool hall and when someone was going to go grab something from Wawa, I gave them some money and asked them to get me something.

What's funny is that last year I was driving by and saw signs all over the property that said "Subway: Under new management." and I laughed to myself. I guess too many complaints...

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So totally off topic but where do you play pool? Apa or bca? Also most subways are shit holes. My sister in law worked at a few for a couple years and the stories she told....holy hell....

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Neither. I'm not a sandbagger, I want to win. They had an in-house league for straight and one-pocket. Those are what I played.