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Burger King.
Oh, I know, why was I there, anyway?
We went through the drive thru. My husband announced that he had a coupon, and the woman on the other end said something unintelligible. When asked to repeat herself, she adopted that, "you're retarded" tone and said slowly, what is the number on the coupon?
I said, oh great, a miserable wigger bitch is serving us, and when we got to the window, it was even worse. Just a fat flubby tub of lard. I mean, like, no structure left to her. And covered in zits. I wanted to just leave, but took the sandwich. It had mayo all over the top bun. The sandwich didn't come with mayo. (So, dirty gloves.) I couldn't eat it.
Then I went to a different bk months later. I used to work by that bk and would sometimes wind up there for lunch, and it was never bad. It had a polite staff, all the same people the whole time I worked at that office. But this time it was all trash bags. I walked in, said "fuck this," and walked right back out.

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What are you doing going to BK? One of their recent cost-saving measures included not fully cooking the burgers. BK was never very good but it got super-shitty a while ago, and has stayed that way.

If you have to eat fast food, you could ast least go to In-and-Out or Chick-fill-a

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I've never understood the fan club for In-and-Out. I ate there once, meh.

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Fuck I miss In and Out....

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Where I'm from all the fast food places are filled with niggers except Chik-Fil-A. My brothers and I were in Ohio once, and we saw a McDonalds with nothing but white workers. We were tripping out and wanting to take pictures. We had never seen that before.

Where I'm at now the fast food workers look like a terrible mix of ghetto nigger and country nigger. They look awful, and I'm used to seeing fast food places full of niggers.

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There used to be a pool hall near me that I would frequent. Two doors down from them was a Subway. I went in there to get a sandwich because I didn't have much time (there was a tournament and I only had a few minutes between matches). I went in there and saw the lady behind the counter changing the diaper of her infant on the back table. Wasn't in front where they prepare the food, but still. So many health code violations for what they did. I didn't even order, I walked out, went back to the pool hall and when someone was going to go grab something from Wawa, I gave them some money and asked them to get me something.

What's funny is that last year I was driving by and saw signs all over the property that said "Subway: Under new management." and I laughed to myself. I guess too many complaints...

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So totally off topic but where do you play pool? Apa or bca? Also most subways are shit holes. My sister in law worked at a few for a couple years and the stories she told....holy hell....

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Neither. I'm not a sandbagger, I want to win. They had an in-house league for straight and one-pocket. Those are what I played.

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Longhorn Steakhouse. They couldn't cook a steak properly. I ordered the T-bone, ask for it to be medium well, it came out bleeding. I do mean bleeding. It was undercooked. I sent it back. When I received it back, the edges were cooked, but the inner part was still bleeding (I'm not sure how they managed that). I sent it back again. The second time I received it back, it was cooked to be edible, but not to my liking.

I said to the waitress, "I'm not upset with you, but I find it ridiculous that you guys have such terrible cooks. They had 3 chances to cook the steak and failed every time."

I ask for the manager, they never showed their face. That was 9 years ago. I haven't been back since. Other locations might be fine, and they might have had a change in management and cooks since then, but the one near me isn't ever getting my business again. I'd rather drive a further 10 minutes down the road and visit one of the other steak places that are usually more busy and have better food.

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I had a steak once at a local restaurant. On the plate it looked great. Then I looked at the underside. Completely raw. No idea how that made it out of the kitchen.

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Eating med well is a waste of steak. Might as well just have soy.

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Seattle, when they told me I couldn't have a plastic straw

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A cafe thats meant to be for kids and parents i took my 2 year old niece to that has a tiny little playground in it.

Went in last time my niece goes straight to playground i then spend 20 minutes holding myself back from knocking the heads of 2 6 year old fat lebo sluts who sat at the top of the slide and stared down my niece, their parents that literally did nothing, and the fucking wait staff that in the entire time i was there didnt come near me.

Stormed out of that place 'bloody middle east central with disgusting pig muslims trying to own the place'

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I did a double take there. I thought you were referring to six year old lesbians, not Lebanese.

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It was slow, my food was cold and was underwhelmed. I don't get the cult following it has here. The only thing I like about them are their old school big rigs that have acres of chrome.

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Pizza place nearby. Decent reviews online, dceent price. Go in there to grab a pizza... loud rap music, cunty overweight girl at the register, and black guy shouting along to the rap (something about police).

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Red Rooster. It's obviously a chicken shop but one that thinks of itself as a higher tier place to eat and my daughter loves the place as it's all she eats when she visits her mother once a week.

The four times I've been conned into ordering from there they've fucked up. The first three times they literally didn't even give me the burger/wrap I asked for and just recently they at least had the decency to call me up and explain that they were out of half of their sauces and couldn't even give me an approximation of what I ordered instead of just saying tough shit and giving me whatever they had on hand. My daughter's meals have always been spot on though so she's always thought they were fucking awesome.

More than that I assumed they'd fuck my order up again, and rightfully so I might add, so I decided to go balls deep and order one of their expensive whole chickens. To call it old would be an understatement. It fell apart like slow cooked meat the second it came out the bag and not even an hour later when I took it out of the fridge it had gone hard. Definitely not rock hard but it lost at least half of it's moisture and it was fucking sealed so fuck knows how that happened.

I figured if they made my daughter happy I could accept some sub par bullshit for my meal but when they can't even deliver a fresh chicken they can fuck right off entirely. It's expensive, low quality and I never get what I paid for. I literally hope they get robbed and raped by a pack of pozzed niggers and die slowly of aids.

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Depends on the reds rooter you go to. I used to fix their combi ovens.

Ive seen units that were that well maintained they looked like new, and ive seen them with that much skin and chicken fat in them the elements catch fire.

Our one isnt too bad.

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Well mine's fucked so fuck you for being so lucky ya cunt lol

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