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It's not a bad way to make friends and have networking opportunities for the future. It's not necessarily a great way for it either. Some people really need that sense of kinship in their life and these clubs provide that.


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I have never been to U other than service calls and after numerous inquiries I still don't get the point of "Greek System".Sounds like associations of students for social and educational purpose but I'm told that's not it.

School me .


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I'm entering college this fall, I don't think I'm joining one. Never was interested in it, didn't even know what it was till I saw the monsters inc college movie. I'm still really not sure what it is. Do you all live together in a house instead of a dorm and party everyday or something?

I'm just joining a few clubs and talking to classmates to make friends.


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I was a Delta at Harvard


PS My mom was a Chi Omega. After doing research on them they seem to be really wholesome and she got a great job out of school. Most of these girls seem to be smart and immune to pick up artists. Cream of the crop.

I have parties with Delta Gammas and they seem to be the party sluts/coke heads of the sorority world.

Tri Delta was very prestigious sounding with lots of “leadership” nonsense and all the latinas are jesuits.

Those are the best sororities country wide with the best looking chicks I have found, as they all differ a little bit from school to school.

A lot of the “good frats” seem to get into lots of trouble with drinking or other nonsense.

I know sororities who were used as sex trains for certain male frats. Some chicks only date guys from certain frats.

I would say frats are more serious in the south where football is king. At GA, all the frats dress up for football games.

Except at the Ivy League where clubs are the beginning of secret society service for ZOG.

Up north I didn’t see many frats that were a big deal as in the south. I have never partied in the west and everything in between those areas are small and boring when it comes to frats.

Fraternities are basically where all the cool kids in cliques formed in high school go to take over the world.

Its all depends on the person and what they want in life.