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  1. Israel should give the US $35+ billion a year

  2. The US should build a wall like Israel did

  3. The US should deport people like Israel does

  4. The US should not let people in like Israel

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More than that.

  • USA should send black & muslim refugees to live in Israel.

  • USA should take control of Israeli media.

  • USA should promote open borders & race-mixing & affirmative action in Israel.

  • USA should setup lobbyist organizations like AIPAC, to bribe Israeli politicians to destroy their own country.

  • USA should fund organizations like SPLC, and file lawsuits whenever Israel discriminates against minorities.

Because that's what Israel does to USA.

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We need to emulate the jews. They're clearly doing something right.

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I think the Chinese had an idea similar to that

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So your proposing we fuck over white people and flood their countries with shitskins.

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Not whites, but any races who threaten our existence, especially the jews themselves.

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No,they just have enough money to keep them from getting caught by anyone who can do something about it.

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Yes! Let's all become Jews, so that others will hate us even more!

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You mean being a bunch of weak minded semites who get slaughtered by a bunch of Stone Age cousin marrying inbred jihadis if not for U.S financial assistance? Yes my fellow ((voater)) I too want to become a welfare state asking for gibs.

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Lmao not what I was getting at, but that's a fair point

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You're missing a set of () there, friend.

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You mean like getting other countries to fund your defense budget? That would be awesome!

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Lmao well western Europe is certainly trying to get us to fund their defense budget too, maybe they are copying Israel

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All the time!

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They have a border wall and actually deport their invaders

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don't forget teachers at schools have guns

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I know I've been there. Walls work.

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Not just Israel. There are many instances of countries doing things in their own self-interest that white western nations do not do because (((marxists, globalists, and the msm))) have too much influence. They try to guilt trip the rest of us into pumping the brakes on our drive to greatness because corrupt backwards savages are getting left too far behind.

The US is already the global leaders so it's hard to compare how much better off the US would be, but look at Canada, Germany, and the UK. Why isn't Canada closer to the US in greatness? Cultural marxism.

Why is Germany so cucked and afraid of taking their natural place as the dominant nation of a white Christian europe? Jewish propaganda enabled and enforced by the government instills the German people with a sense of shame about who they are and teaches them to be embarrassed about their potential and their accomplishments.

Why does the UK undermine its own position in the world with its immigration policies and defy the will of its citizens to break from the EU so they can forge their own path and act in their own self-interest? Their aristocratic class identifies more with globalism, wealthy international jews, and marxists than they do with their own fellow countrymen.

Why does Israel do what is in their own self intrrest? They know who's behind the leftist criticism and they don't reel threatened. They dont give a fuck.

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Yeah, but where are we going to find a bunch of idiots to send us 3.8 billion a year and ask for nothing in return?

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All the time

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