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Ask him which claims about the Holocaust he believes are true, first.

There are a LOT of absurd ones you can find like masturbation machines and human skin lampshades and death rollercoasters.


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The ultimate and final red pill, that goes deeper than anything you will ever hear on Voat, Reddit, or 4chan is this:

You are all being purposefully and strategically indoctrinated into right-wing ideologies in order to facilitate a civil war between you and the SJW/Antifa/Leftist/Zionist/LGBT/minority/degenerates boogeyman villain they have hand-crafted just for you. Were you on the left, you would be experiencing the same thing, with a Nazi/Republican/right-wing/Fascist/whitepeople boogeyman instead. This is an old recycled psy-op extremely similar to the one they ran on the German peoples in the 1930s and in the 50s on the American people in order to gain public acceptance of warmongering and erosion of freedoms and rights under the guise of security and safety. It is also a classic example of classic divide and conquer but with the Internet this is intensified by several orders of magnitude.

TPTB are doing this to distract you from the real conspiracy which is that they are bringing about a global mass control and surveillance police state and enslaving all of humanity into an Orwellian cyperpunk transhumanist technological matrix.

In this Internet 3.0/5G/AI/Blockchain/IOT/VR/AR matrix you will be technologically subdued using AR/VR into a state of pure blissful compliance and subservience where your mind will be used as if it were a single neuron in this new world wide global brain which will be powered by all of our collective consciousness and is TPTB plan to bring about the singularity that will make them one with that which they worship.

The scene in The Dark Knight where EMF is used as a sort of sonar is already here. Look what they are doing in China with street cameras. Did you really think they're giving iPads and cell phones to Africans out of the kindness of their hearts?

Every key press and mouse movement are automatically being recorded through the backdoors in your CPU and being analyzed by extremely powerful and secretive AI. Stop, turn off the computer, and think for a minute. Are your thoughts really your own, or have you fallen for years upon years of mental programming through various Internet channels in the form of propaganda and manufactured outrage? How long can you really go without the Internet?

So go ahead. Hate Jews, hate Leftists, hate pedos; hell, hate anyone who wears purple shirts. It's all the same to them. As long as you keep typing, tapping, and clicking, they will have taken more than their fair share from you.