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Proven? Idk but most people won't spend beyond a certain amount for things. Perhaps cost will be lowered based on demand.


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It cannot. The iphone for example....if all parts were made in america and manufactured by americans....would cost roughly $18,000.

Slave labor has always been an effective way of getting rich. Why do you think they brought over people from Africa to pick cotton?

We are past the point of tariffs bringing manufacturing back.

Too many people on earth, and the rich is going to use some of those poor and stupid and hungry people to work for them for cheap.

Even Trumps clothes and his daughters clothing line is made in asia by slave labor. There is simply no other way to get rich.


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What a stupid question.

Even if products become absurdly expensive, the jobs will cause more people to have more money, causing small business owners/startups to have more customers in order to make those same products cheaper.