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Depends on what your interest is.

For "right wing content": The Daily Stormer, National Vanguard, American Renaissance, Stuff Black People Don't Like, Varg Vikernes, Ryan Faulk and his excellent videos on race realism, Encyclopedia Dramatica (be aware that there is gore on this site)

The Shroomery so you can learn to grow shrooms.

For anything else, my mind is drawing a blank.

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Too many shrooms, apparently.

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Nope, just a late night after a long day.

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Nice shroom board

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If my goal was to divide this nation, then that is where I must send the useful idiots ripe for mind control. Make Social Media do all the leg work out in the open. Americans really are this stupid.

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The nation has been divided for a very long time, mon ami, even before Obama came into office. The Americans don't have time to be smart with their full time jobs, their spouses, their kids, etc. I believe in the content of all the websites that i linked to and i feel they have the answers to most of the problems plaguing my kinsman.

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Voat is the last surviving pocket of sanity on the Internet, and I'm stuck here with all you faggots.

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Ha as we get filled to the brim with redditors slowly tainting us from the inside out, we may be the last pocket of sanity but for how long?

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Super fun to click around the map and see instant and cool weather info for the entire year. Using it to find a good piece of land to buy.


Also related to above. Find a dark site and go stargazing!

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I think I could turn that darksitefinder into an awesome homeschool class. Thanks!

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on the subject of science, tech, physics astronomy stuff maybe www.space.com or spaceweather.com http://www.gizmag.com/robotics/ hubblesite.org or spaceflightnow.com, http://www.esa.int spaceref.com or spacedaily.com thesciencegeek.org .... on fiction scif novels movies http://www.denofgeek.com or www.scifinow.co.uk http://www.sfcenter.ku.edu/ http://www.sf-encyclopedia.com/ www.comicbookmovie.com http://www.sliceofscifi.com/ http://ttapress.com/interzone/ https://www.sfwa.org/ ... on just general crazy voat stuff maybe Gab, vimeo, Bitchute, Liveleak, Minds, etc https://phuks.co/ and poal seem to be shitty reddit clones mix of slashdot buzzfeed and digg content? Also maybe 4chan, 8chan, Steemit, Medium, dailymotion ... also there are still some old school online messaging forums and internet bulletin board

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The world is a pretty dark place overall.

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Satellite tracker.


Satellite tracker.


Nerd wars.


Military aircraft tracker.

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Fucking liveleak.com if you ever need a reminder of how fragile we all are.

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I make this mistake once in a while. It's like I forget completely the anxiety cancer it gave me the last time I was there. But some morbid curiosity bubbles up and I need to go see shit that will scare me, apparently. I go there and see brutal car crashes, how fast and easily people are just erased, and I'm reminded of it every time I get in a car (or lay down to go to sleep) for like a week following. I tell myself I won't go there. Tell myself not to think about that cartel murder I saw that fucked me up for a month. And still, I'll go there. It's like having a bald spot on the back of your head or something. You know it's gonna just cause you pain to get the mirror out and look, but you're compelled to.

Also used to do this at reddit.com/r/watchpeopledie until I made the connection pretty quickly that they just pull all of their content from Liveleak. It's gross. It's gross to hear that someone actually goes there to watch that kind of thing. But it begs to be. It's like "Okay, here's the horror of your existence." I don't know, maybe its cathartic in some way? I sure as hell drive more carefully nowadays.

The worst? To go there and see the comment threads and see just how desensitized people are who watch this shit regularly. Inevitably, I am feeling sick to my stomach and there is still someone in there cracking jokes about it.

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I feel ya. I have days where the idea seeing someone die just make go crazy.

Then there is days I spend hours watching niggers get burned alive, beheaded or kids blowing their head off with a sweet shotgun.

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You'll get a kick . heheh

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Man, you shouldn't do that to anybody. FOR SHAME FOR SHAME!

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they call it a ban, hehehe

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