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Among other reasons, the Jew, by his very nature, is a wanderer, a nomad. He has no roots and no attachments. He envies white people (and actually pretty much all gentiles) for their ability to bond with their soil, their nation. He wishes he had soil of his own.

"but what about Israel?"

Israelis aren't really Jews any more than Americans are Christian. They no longer need Judaism because they have soil. Israel is a fundamentally secular society.

Classic sour grapes "if I can't have it I don't want you to have it either" mentality.


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They want to establish a jewish world government. White nations are their biggest obstacle.


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Jews hate whites because whites have succeeded on their own merit. The jews have had thousands of years to do so and they have failed. But they believe they’re superior to whites, so they hate us because we remind them that their schemes and their self-beliefs are thoughtless delusions.


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khazars, real Jews don't give a shit. the khazarian ashkenazi have a real ancient bitch, they lost their nation state to Russia hundreds of years ago. Boy do (((they))) carry a grudge!