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You need to come over and clean my house naked, you'll feel tons better.

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Hehehe, not if it's the same temperature as it is here. Not even noon and we hitting 100 degrees in the mountains... Thank the gods I ain't down in the valley. 110 down there.

If it is, I require you to have a hose on me at all times.

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Oh he'll have a hose on you alright.

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Well it's 98F right now, suppose to get to 101F later this afternoon. But the house is air-conditioned! Where are you at?

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It’s in the mid 80s here. We’ve had a great summer this year in the South.

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I did not articulate that too well. My biggest point is don't quit your job, don't convince yourself you need to move or need a change of scenery or any big life-changing decisions. Just maintain and eventually it will get better.

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If you are emotionally burnt out, you are probably nutritionally burnt out as well. Start with some good hearty meals and give the mind and body fuel to recover.

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I have been eating a lot this weekend, good home made food but you are right vegetables have been put on the back burner for last week or two so maybe I'm lacking in that kind of stuff. I'll go buy me some baby spinach today.

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You mentioned mountains, Cherries are in season.

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Sunshine, good diet, and exercise should keep your head above water even in tough times. If you've been spending lots of time alone, try spending time with good people. If you've been very social lately, try some solitude for a bit.

And don't get too discouraged by the state of the world. History is a story of ups and downs, and we've been on a downward incline for a long time, but things are looking up. Conditions today mimic many conditions historically just before a revival.

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Gym, good meals, good healthy sleep, vitamin tablets, more water, etc.

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I take a bunch of drugs and eat a bunch of vegetables and it keeps me balanced like a tight rope walker

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this is good advice without the drugs

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Accept the harsh inevitable realities of life. Taking this black pill and surviving will make you stronger than you can imagine. Read the early stoics. I hit this weird spot where nothing mattered, life was pain, cynicism and humor. I realized anything could matter, and I controlled it. It is empowering.

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I do have a book on stoicism that I have yet to get around to.

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I recommend getting the audiobook for Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and listening to it when you drive. He was emperor of Rome and has some profound wisdom in there.

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I have a book on procrastination.....

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What do you mean by “anything could matter?”

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Coopzy Kind of nailed it. I remember on several occasions watching some devote their entire lives to something. I sit back and think I could do that but there's so much else I would miss out on so that seems like a waste. After you do that enough you start to realize that the waste is simply not doing anything. To lose yourself in the creation of or the perfection of a skill or craft or hobby can often times fill that emptiness. It's a sweeping void of hopelessness that exists in the mind. You give something meaning and it will have meaning. That can be difficult to do because it requires personal satisfaction; no external approval. External approval is what our society and media browbeats into us as the only acceptable definition of a life well lived. This is a nefarious lie. Someone else in this string said Nature walks hiking and camping is just experiencing life. Creating something is far more fascinating. Our minds are bred and have evolved for the specific purpose of creating- whether that's restoring, building, engineering, observing with intent beyond mere admiration,... Take a good HARD look at the things that have captivated your attention and then make your hobbies about those things. Good luck.

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if nothing matters in truth, but you still feel that things matter anyway, you can choose what matters. because there is no objective definition of what matters you can decide what matters. anything could matter.

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YES! Ignoring minor items frees you to focus on important things.

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camping, hiking, nature walks

You are experiencing and not creating, that's your issue.

Since you seem to like nature, try permaculture. You get a boost tending your plants and an even bigger boost eating them.

In a similar vein, find a Qt3.14 and have kids. Kids will bring responsibility and pride. But you have to homeschool them, and don't circumcise your sons.

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I have a front garden and a middle garden. I have planted three fruit trees, tend to tomatoes and peppers as well as my flowers... :) I create as well... However I have not been writing nearly as much as my soul craves to...

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Is there a particular genre you like to write? I wonder if we could start a collaborative story thread like I used to see way before reddit. I have fond memories of one I did on a Turtle forum; lots of imagination and the crazy left turns were hilarious!

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+1 for no male genital mutilation! THANK YOU

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Thought of you as I posted ;)

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Im struggling through the same thing. Im working out a lot. I go out a lot. Having a diverse (personality) group of friends that run in different circles has helped me. Going out and enjoying what your doing for what it is.

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I'd like to homeschool. I am working hard so the wife won't have to work and can stay home full-time. If I can do that soon, next step is pitching Ron Paul curriculum and getting her excited to home school.

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Homeschooling is probably the single best thing you could ever do for your kidsTeach her to have pride in what she does. Don't let her fall victim to the Marxist scam of women wage-slaving their best years away behind a desk. Godspeed.

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Nutrition. This is the MOST important thing. Make sure your nutrition is correct. It was the main source of burnout for me before I fixed it. Having breakfast on time, high protein/fat for breakfast instead of sugars, smaller regular meals are better than skipping then having large meals, etc.

Once I fixed that, I had way more energy for the gym, and soon after that, so much extra energy it required martial arts as an outlet.

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I've been eating shit food with multivitamins for a while, and got maybe half the protein I needed. Now that it's summer, I bought a cheap propane grill and a few pounds of cheap steak. I know charcoal is better, but I'm a lazy fuck and I'll use propane more (aka, healthier than easy frozen shit). Now that everything is in season as well, I've been eating more fruit and veggies as well. I still eat carbs, frozen shit, and fast food, but that cheap little grill and growing season has really helped my diet and how I feel overall.

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If I am not maintaining a house and property for my parents, I'm shitposting or working on my writings. If not that, I am out gardening or doing other necessary yard work (like ensuring we have that fire safety perimeter around the house in case our forest decides to burnout like I am at the moment). If not that, I'm spending quality time with my family (nieces, nephews, my sister).

I think I need to keep doing the gardening. I really like that.

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Sounds good. Too much voat and news can be depressing when you see what's happening. Sometimes I disconnect from it for a bit.

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I think I need to keep doing the gardening. I really like that.


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Not gonna read anyone else’s replies: just gonna give you my own as I don’t want to influence my advice so if someone has already stated this, sorry.

It seems like you are lacking meaning from your life. Without meaning every endevour is meaningless.

When I was in my 20s meaning was found in friendships, chasing girls, going out and playing/listening to music. However as I got older much of that got meaningless. I started really focusing on finding a wife, not necessarily having kids but being “in love” and finding my “soul mate”. That was really hard and soul crushing, and I won’t get into it, suffice it to say after a lot of horrible experiences I thought I found the right woman.

So we got married and had kids, then my life turned into hell. Not because of my kids (they are the great part) but because I made poor choice in wife. I also had a lot of presumptions wrong.

Now, I am separated and have custody of my girls (2 and 3). Now my life has real love in it and most of all, real meaning. That meannng comes from the responsibility of those two girls. They need me to provide for them, to teach them, to keep healthy and making money. If I fail or even faulter a bit, thier entire world could descend into chaos and and victimhood. If I die, they have no one really. So I have to make very good choices. Choices that are rewarded with seeing their happiness and progress. That is meaning and it’s made me the most satisfied and happy I have ever been. It is profound meaning.

I am not saying to make the mistakes I did. I am not saying you should adopt (I don’t think it is really possible to love a child that is not your own, at least not on this level). I am saying, however, to find a spouse and have kids.

If you want more advice I am happy to provide it

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I have found love with a psychopath that attempted to turn me into his mini-me only for him to have blamed me for everything wrong in his life. Happily divorced and most likely way too fucked up for a healthy relationship, an quite honestly I find a lot of meaning being the aunt my eleven nieces and nephews can go to when they fucked up or need a body buried.

Good advice, though, because you are very right. I know what my meaning is and I am letting petty things get in the way of it.

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Level 4 CatLady is the future you chose, remember.

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Thank you.

Everyone has it hard, I understand what "hard" is for a man but obviously less what "hard" is for woman.

I can imagine that being a woman, especially an intelligent woman who doesn't engage in celebrity culture, to be a lonely existence. Women are incredibly competitive and view other women as competition, that's biological obviously a necessary component to nature... but it doesn't make being alone any easier knowing that.

It's probably just as hard to find a decent man as it is for a man to find a decent woman, you have psychopaths, fuck b0is, "nice guys" who are really manipulative "feminist" women haters in beta clothing to contend with.

Anyway, you have my sympathy.

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Plot twist... you and MaximilianAldorfer were married to each other.

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More tips on chasing girls please.

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Be a degenerate and willing to consort with women that have loose morals and even looser ass holes. Be good looking and confident. Hit the gym, or just move to Europe where prostitution is legal and fuck porn stars on "tour"..


But get it out of your system, for me at least I couldn't start to grow until I did.

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As others have said make sure you are eating well and getting enough sleep.

Most importantly though, and I think it'll make a big difference. Stop wasting time on the internet.

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I am rarely on my cellphone and today has been the first time I've spent more than an hour on the internet and it's because I'm reading and responding to all of you.

You are right, though, I need more veggies in my diet.

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I'm not doubting you, I was just saying because most people don't realise how miserable the internet and social networks and all that actually makes them

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