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Don't listen to the other two, you should discuss sexual things prior to marriage at the very least.

I'm open to the possibility of doing light things that aren't sex prior to marriage if the person is a good prospective long term partner. Boyfriends deserve a few privileges as well. I just don't want to give them a reason to sleep with me all they want for years on end like my eldest sister allowed and then find out they aren't interested in marriage. So I'm going to wait to be sure men who are scared of commitments would leave me early on. It would take me a couple months to decide if I was ready for boyfriend privileges with them. I like taking things slow. I really want to be sure the person is worth my time, emotion, and effort first.

When guys are too horny or come on too strong I get turned off from them. The last guy I was seeing was incredibly wealthy person trying to start up a tech business. After three weeks he was sending me messages at night about how horny he was and how he wanted me in sexual manners. I asked him to stop and he kept doing it on occasion and that was really when I realized decency and self restraint as some of the most attractive qualities in men for me.

Once you learn to really seek a respectable, modest, and decent life things like money really don't matter.

Current guy I'm seeing has been very patient. He picked up quickly on my body language and hasn't tried to pull any moves before I was ready. I was very impressed by his social skills and how well he reads situations. Most guys lack those skills and need to be told directly. So I'm feeling very optimistic and like I'm finally good at picking out what is a good partner vs a bad one.

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For best results, before marriage.