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If you are a woman wanting a trad lifestyle:

He better damn well be paying for everything on every date. If he isn't picking up the tab when the possibility of getting pussy is on the table.....what makes you think he will be so willing for fork over $120 for medicine when your toddler gets sick?

It's a quick way to sift through the deadbeat losers and men who are seriously looking to settle down with a wife and start a family.

I NEVER would date dutch. If he suggested dutch it signaled to me a few things (all turn-offs):

  1. Either he really can't afford to date (ok, fine, but I am looking to settle down -- if you can't afford a date, you certainly can't afford a family. This means we are not in the same stage in life let's have a nice dinner then bid farewell)

  2. He is a virtue signalling faggot trying to lean into the woman empowerment movement to get laid (given I'm not a feminist, that effort is completely wasted on me). If he is sincere in his feminist belief we are not going to get along very long because our values are completely incompatible. If he is using it as a sleazy way to get a piece of ass, he drastically missed my cues and is most likely a lying player who doesn't have the emotional maturity to handle fatherhood yet. (Cool story bro, let's finish this drink and bid farewell).

BTW: Yes, I'm a married tradwife with 2 kids. 5 years marriage going strong. I didn't get married until my mid 30's and spent 15 years stuck in shitty dating cycles. Once I adopted this standard, I found my husband! It works! And no I wasn't a slut either. I had more dates end with Chads slaming car doors in my face than asking for a second date. Why? Because I wouldn't put out.


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As a mid 20s man with a well paying career, I disagree with your advice on paying for every meal (I realize it worked for you, but will turn a lot of high value men off). Just because I can afford to pay for your meals and want pussy doesn't mean I HAVE to and on every 2nd date I ask to split the check, I want to see if you will stick around if you THINK I dont have money, i drive a $3500 pick up to first dates and leave my main vehicle at the house, I want you to dump me early because you think I dont have money, bullet dodged, I can surprise you later if you stick around.


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I'm in the same boat, I don't tell women what I'm worth.
I love when women say "their just wasn't a spark", but when they find out how much I'm worth they come running back.


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Eh, no thanks. Here is the bad news for you....woman don't have to stick around to see if you are "worth it". If you present yourself as an asshole I'm not going to keep talking to you hoping suddenly you are Prince charming in disguise. Especially when there is an email box full of dates waiting....are you married? If not, goid luck with that strategy. This isn't a Lifetime Orginal Movie.....

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The entire point of tradwife is putting family first. To do that usually requires one of the parents to stay home. If I'm forgoing working to raise our family it's your duty to be making enough money to support me and your children. If you are pushing back against that idea referring to any woman as sucking you dry for doing so, then you are not looking for a traditional marriage.

You actually illistrate my point great and the filter autoweeds itself. You are already viewing paying for a woman's dinner or night out as a chore and something you shouldn't have to do. As a consumer you have the potential to receive maximum marginal utility from your expenses by not only possibly enjoying the person you are with for the night, but maybe even getting laid. If maximum marginal utility of a possible shag is not enough to motivate you to pick up a $100 dinner tab, how much more unlikely are you to throw down money on responsibilities that absolutely suck?

Sure, in your mind your intensions may be to be a great husband who supports his family, but she doesn't know that. Like I said, this isn't a Lifetime movie plot where your date has an inside look into your motivations and dreams before meeting you. There probably isn't going to be a story ark that happens over a few months where she keeps running into you and realizes you really are a "good guy". The date is your chance to show her that. If you want to stake your chances on the strategy of putting up all the wrong signs of what makes a good trad husband (like paying dutch, putting off signals you are broke, acting douchey) fine. But you are going to have a bad time. This is the real world kid, not a script.

You can't expect to find a tradwife if your perception of a tradwife is "she just wants muh money!" Like I said, it autoweeds itself.


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Stacy! IS that you?