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What's wrong with volunteer work? Or are you just specifying politically related volunteer work? I don't see the problem with neutral community service.

the "red flags" you should look for are career or life oriented bitches. Women that know what they want and are ACTIVELY trying to achieve it. Either career or family wise.

What's wrong with knowing what you want in life? Everything else you said makes sense, just not this. People who have no idea what they want from life will be the type who sleep around and wander aimlessly through life till they're thirty years old and depressed because they have not built a foundation for evolutionarily driven biological success -- having a family.


[–] Goathole 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Politically related volunteer work is what I meant.

the "red flags" you should look for are career or life oriented bitches.

I didn't necessarily mean "red flag" as in a danger signal but more of a you should look for this. I kind of went off onto a ramble, the voices kept yelling "kill the jew! kill the jew!" and I can only silence them so long. Sorry.


[–] callthehambulance ago 

So, correct me if wrong, did you mean more look for what these things are? Because that's how I read it


[–] lanre ago 

Here's what I see with career oriented women. They expect that their job title, salary, career etc. will bring them a higher status guy than if they were just a susie-homemaker. In my case anyway, this actually makes them less attractive. They can't cook, clean, or do much of anything outside of their job. At the end of the day someone's going to have to run the household and I don't want it to be me. So I don't really care how much she's making of if she's a VP of whatever, it all boils down to at some point one of us would have to take care of the kids and a house and if it ended up being her, she'd have just spent the first 10-15 years of her adulthood preparing for something else.