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  • I don't want to be anyone's father (unless I'm firing a sweet load into something). So, if you're going to call me daddy, even in the bedroom, you're most likely a bit crazy. And this goes double for your Life. Have handled, and be handling your own shit.
  • No Horse Girls. If she owns a horse. Run. Start running. NOW. She has a horse that can catch you. So just start running now...
  • Extreme Baby Voice™ when it comes to animals.
  • Only likes one type of animal ("I'm such a dog girl" or The Cat Lady™). This is a sickness. Even with dogs.
  • Wants any type of 'altered animals'. Hypo allergenic this, or hairless that. "Pocket dogs". Nope the fuck out of that shit. If you can't just get a regular dog or cat, then just fuck off.
  • The Over-The-Top Animal Lover. The other side of the spectrum. Nope. Just no. (They usually have/want horses. Or a fucking ferret. Nope. However, lizards and spiders might be cool.)
  • In fact, any Over-The-Top type. "I'm the Stoner Chick. See my tiedye!" Nope. "I'm the Girly-Girl." Nope.
  • "I love sports!" Nope. Yes, I made a separate line for this one. It's important. I'm talking about the girls who "loves watching football with my dad!" Not really girls who play sports. (This also goes for guys. If you don't play, fuck off. You're fucking weird. You're not a fan. You're weird.) But for girls who only watch because of some daddy issue... no thanks. No thanks.
  • Too much cussing or won't cuss at all.
  • Closet Nigger Jew Lover. Not really into them sexually, but won't let you say 'nigger' or 'kike' in the privacy of your own home. These people are at the tip of the iceberg of brainwashing. It will only get more restrictive as the relationship goes on.
  • Those that buy into media bullshit tactics. "There is no reason to ever hit a woman." Bullshit. "Being a mother is the hardest job in the world." Bullshit. "Women make 77% of a man's paycheck for the same amount of effort." Bullshit. "They are not trying to take your guns! They just want common sense Gun Control." Bullshit. "Black Lives Do Matter." Bullshit.
  • Doesn't know how to cook anything. This isn't even Traditional Wives rhetoric. If this person has no idea how to cook any type of meal... just one. This person is just no good. Either you'll have to cook (which may work out), or you'll be eating out your whole life. It's this mentality that is a bit crazy. To never have learned how to make anything to eat? Not even food you like? Nope. Something is wrong here.


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In case anyone missed it, or thinks it's a joke. DO NOT date a horse girl. They are always broke because horses are expensive, they'll look in the back of your truck for a gooseneck hitch because their truck is broke down. Of course they can't fix it because they spend all their money on the horses, tack, feed, boarding and so on. NO HORSE GIRLS. They are all crazy.


[–] Commie_Meta ago 

It looks like the cost of owning a horse is about the same as always making payments on a basic sports car. In other words, about a month's salary every year for a professional.

It's not a red flag, it's a matter of do you want to spend your money on this? If you like happy crazy girls and the outdoors, it's a bargain.