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Not exactly original, but mine is "I used to be crazy when I was younger, I'm just looking to settle down."

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If you can smell it at the belly-button, don't go any further.

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mother and friends...SPOILERS all women are crazy....approval makes them crazy. The World makes them crazy. Other feminists and schools made them more crazy...and leftwing open borders so called liberal femin-nazism has caused many Western Woman to jump the fucking shark...haven't really partied played in a while if youre just 'dating' then you watch out for all the insane 'crazy signs' and stay safe don't catch a disease from these types...yeah you can hook up with party and have sex, the alarm to look out for with dealing with some crazy college party type is she gonna do something that may trash the place or drugs into the house or drama etc Next is the long term dating thing and women will always lie so you need to judge by other methods, like her by her friends and her mother... many will be princess brainwashed types looking for a 'good man' but deep down mentally unhinged, ready to open the legs to a bad guy...also lies to impress you while asking for honest in return for her lies, lying about occupation, age, past boyfriends, home town....close to 30 this biological alarm bells go off in her head to 'make babies' she wants you trapped in a spiders web, I love the outdoors! ...she said... i like action movies, you can go have a beer night with the guys, i will be there in 20 mins, i get ready in the bathroom fast ready fairly quickly, im not a DRAMA QUEEN ...all bullshit....watch out for the sensitive highly strung type...an innocent comment became Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds....im chilled laid back relaxed person she said!?....i read I’m an avid bookworm she tells you....all bullshit...the real signs, the friends, the mother these are big no Nos!?! Friends I mean real friends going back years and not some fucking 'friend' on facebook or one of those shitty websites, meet her real old friends....if her friends are fucking trash then she probably has this same trashy side to her, however if she has No Friends...this is also a big alarm, it means she has done something in the past that made everyone disown her... and her mother? Spoilers, most women will become almost exactly like their mother.

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Wall of text. So whatever good points you might have are completely unreadable.

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most women will become almost exactly like their mother.

Valuable information. If more boys were taught this instead of feminist bullshit there would be a lot more happy women

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Found the incel.

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I think some of your points are spot on, the other points makes me think you have definitely found some crazies in your day. Haha

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How they treat staff/employees.

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^^^ Huge indicator. Also how they treat animals, especially strays.

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True again

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Yeah, paying attention to how they treat others is better than paying attention to how they treat you, because they're trying to be nice to you for the benefits.

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also, how they refer to their brothers and fathers.

if every male in the family is a 'sperm donor' run a fucking mile, youre about to be domestically abused.

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Piercing of anything but the ear lobe. Tattoos. Love for rap music. Calling you daddy. So many little signs that you are better off running into concertina wire.

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Calling you daddy.

So all Latinas are out by default.

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Yeah, they should be as a standard. Nobody needs any more anchor babies. Unless we are using them as literal anchors, in which case we should start with the nigglets, lower BMI of crack babies and all will cause less floating.

Brown babies are much better suited to being used as filler for the wall.

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Dated a Rican once.

Never again!!!

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>not invalidating beanpeople by default

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Calling you daddy.

Litterally the best thing about having a spicy latina

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Conceetina wire doesn't fuck like that though.

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Not with that attitude.

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Tattoos and piercings are not subtle... I knew one of the top responses would mention them anyway. Lot of people on here can't WAIT to signal how much they hate those

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I'm one of those people. I hate tattoos and piercings on women.

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An upper ear piercing can be depending on hair, same with a properly placed tattoo. But thanks for playing.

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Self-defacement is ultra low class.

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Go for it. Never ask permission for a catchy phrase, just make it happen.

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That she decided to go out on a date with me.

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How often s/he checks their phone during the date. Directions and emergencies are acceptable but anything else is not.

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I'll be honest, I wouldn't tolerate any of that. Phones in your purse or leave it in the car. But, I'm from a different era where we didn't need our safety blankets with us after we were 3 years old...

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Yeah she should have a stack of papers with the latest dank memes printed to show you. Absolutely don't use something impractical like a phone.

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Non-traditionalism. A man who doesn't want to be the head of his house or a woman who doesn't want him to are among the most destructive to a marriage.

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Mullato baby

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That's not a red flag, it's an explosion

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What does it indicate besides that she fucked a nigger:

No self-esteem

No sense of disgust

Liberalism/Marxism/non-traditional thinking

Dumb or average IQ at best

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Her eyes: crazy eyes or the thousand cock stare

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Can you describe the thousand cock stare?

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V/1000cockstare or whatever the fucking name of the sub is

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