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We got rid of shame when the faggots were normalized. Basically, once you have "I take it up the ass" pride, the bar is lowered for every other shameful behaviour.

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Looks like you offended a fat fag.

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But apparently there's only 1 that found this post today. I'm pretty happy with that number, to be honest.

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How many years until we start seeing pedophile pride parades?

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If a priest started dressing alter boys up as little nuns it would probably raise some concern; gays do the same thing only worse for their gay parades and, well, I count it.

[–] Tallest_Skil 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

All fag parades are childfucker parades.

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You don't watch the Academy Awards?

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There was something else that changed before the normalization of butt faggots. The heterosexuals started acting like faggots first. They started having sex with everybody while doing all they can to avoid pregnancy. When sex is just fun and games for heterosexuals, they're pretty much powerless to oppose butt faggots and fish eaters joining in on the fun.

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Agreed. Thi sshit goes all the way back to the Bolshevik revolution. The communist insurgency in our own countries has taken a bit longer, but it looks the same.

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Which we can safely blame on feminists and birth control pills.

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Strong point.

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What happens when interracial mixing is normalized? Like the mixing you have done?

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Lol does that guy really have a retard baby?

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Because they tell each other they look good - mutually reinforced self-deception

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They're in communities where standards are low. It wouldn't work in Bev Hills or something.

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Bev Hills means competition, whereas elsewhere means collaboration

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Shit, I'm 5' 9" 130 lbs skinny bitch and I feel like a whore when I wear anything close to what these hippos are wearing. Truly delusional they are.

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Right?!! I don’t think I even own a pair of shorts except for pajamas. I wear capris or maxi dresses when it’s hot.

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Modesty on an attractive woman is so much more attractive.

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There is one fat in here downvoating

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yep, that's slim. I have had a couple of long term girlfriends around your height and weight.

It's when they are 150lb and 5'2 that they really enjoy busting out the bad taste

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Did we have the same short smallfat ex?

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I saw a ham planet wearing day-glo pink panties and white leggings once. It burned my eyes.

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Because some dindu nuffin will eventually ask for their number. If they can't get knocked up by a white man for the child support, single mother gibs are the next best thing.

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Aaaaaand its a nigger. Like that even needs to be said anymore...

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Because no one Moo's at them anymore...

Seriously, publicly ridicule that shit if you want it to stop.

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I'm a dude. It's not my job to ridicule women on their appearance. That's a woman's job.

[–] asabove 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Passing the buck like that is why wildabeasts are clomping around in spandex in the first place. Man up chad.

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Mooing at someone in public isn't the answer, that's just cruel. But if a man politely tells a woman that the clothes she is wearing are inappropriate or unflattering? She will never forget it.

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I always think it's hilarious to see their inner thigh bulging out of the daisy dukes. It looks like 2 worn out dish sponges rubbing together. I'd bet it smells just as bad.

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And they ignore it, I imagine that's uncomfortably chafing the shit out of them too. I take comfort over "fashion" anyday.

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They keep Body Glide in their purse.

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Because she thinks she's thick/curvy. My wife and I were talking and she said a coworker was thick/curvy, so I said a woman's or man's definition? She said a woman's, so I said she's fat then.

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A man's definition of curvy is a woman with breasts and hips >40% larger than her waist. 36-24-36, oh what a winning hand.

A woman's definition of curvy is >40 inch hips.

That should clear things up.

[–] slwsnowman40 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I didn't need anything cleared up...but thanks.

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Because desperate betas still fuck them.

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You misspelled niggers

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They're still betas.

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