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The Bible.

It had great stories, epic tales of wanton slaughter, incest, murder, pillaging, plunder, and a good message over all - but as a whole it's been taken to be considered non-fiction, confused for a science book, and bastardized beyond belief.

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Earth is flat, idiot.

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LOL I seem to recall someone telling me, I've long since forgotten, that even the bible calls the planet a sphere or an orb.

On the other hand, good job. Some dumb son of a bitch is going to believe you.

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It has some repetition though.

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Yeah, and some discrepancies such as two versions of the flood myth. It could probably have done better if they'd had a better editor. Meh... Not too bad for a bunch of people who thought incest was a good idea.

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Conspiracy videos on youtube. They are fun to think about, but as a whole 90% are horse shit. I like 2 types.

  1. - Actually plausible conspiracies.

For example, saying JFK was killed by the CIA because of his treatment of Cuba and communists. Believable so interesting.

  1. - So far beyond the pale it's entertaining.

For example - Saying that the ancient gods were aliens from Zeta Reticuli who came to Earth to harvest gold dust for their atmosphere and genetically engineered humans from primates using black magic and built the pyramids as UFO bases and waged a nuclear war on Mars and that we used to have 2 suns and the galactic war destroyed the planet that used to be between Mars and Jupiter which now forms the asteroid belt and reptilian humanoids from inside the hollow Earth helped Nazis escape to the subterranean caverns where the people from Atlantis went to after the flood made by the Annunaki to destroy men because their physic energy was getting too powerful and they also didn't like the red haired, 6 toed giants that used to inhabit the Americas back when the global sea-faring proto-civilization was around during the ice age.

Now that's the good stuff right there

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Fucking a pair of blonde cheerleaders in vr.

I was so ashamed i kept doing it.

Yeah i read that wrong.

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Lots of movie franchises.

Fast and the Furious and Transformers comes to mind. I love me some over the top action eye candy bur looking back on the dozen or so movies in those two franchises I don't really care about them.