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Lol Battlefield Earth

It failed dismally

And yet the toasters still want to make a sequel.

How do they not know ElRon was laughing at them?

That being said... pretty much every single us war movie 'based on a true story' is flat out propaganda. Also funny as the best known pseudo recruitment films are 100% fiction (im looking at you Top Gun you awesome awesome piece of classic cinema)

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Guess who's coming to dinner

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An Inconvenient Truth

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Add to that anything by Michael Moore or Morgan Spurlock.

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The Beast. Super anti Russian propaganda right after their invasion of Afghanistan. Features them randomly dumping poison into water wells inside villages to poison civilians and shooting their goats to starve them. This is bullshit as Russia went to war to keep them in the soviet union, not alienate them.

Still, a good movie, would recommend.

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saving private Ryan, and most ww2 movies with exception of Dunkirk. which was great.

the anti white anti German hate and pro "poor Jews" in these movies. it's all over the place.

all in all since the 90s there has been an anti white anti Christian push in big Hollywood.

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I was curious about Dunkirk, didn't pick it up even for rental since I figured it would be propaganda, but it's not too bad eh?

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It's Hollywood fabrication. Hitler pushed the British to Dunkirk and allowed them to leave. The movie portrays the event as a race against time while our heroic civilians endured German attacks to rescue their soldiers. The reality was that soldiers queued up in an orderly fashion and boarded anything that could float to cross the English channel.

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I haven't seen it either, but from what I've heard there's very little dialogue, so there aren't many chances for them to put out propaganda.

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yes, check it out. Christophe nolan. great film maker. it focuses on the story as it was. British common man using civilian boats to save it's people.

doesn't overly demonize the germans at all or make a big deal about poor jews.

not too much dialogue. great cinematography. recomend.

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Zero Dark Thirty imo

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  • American Sniper

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1943, Mission to Moscow:


The film, made during World War II, shows the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin in a positive light. Completed in late April 1943, the film is, in the words of Robert Buckner, the film's producer, "an expedient lie for political purposes, glossily covering up important facts with full or partial knowledge of their false presentation".

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White House Down. Probably the worst example of american stereotypes I've ever seen, and yet, still not the worst movie I've ever seen.

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