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An amateur filmmaker.

He lies to people about the film he claims to be working on, edits his interviews with them, then makes it look like they said the opposite of what they said so he can promote his agenda.

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It's an entity that congealed in a deep fryer that at some stage gained funding to produce several non-factual movies that exploit other peoples' suffering. Let's not speak of it again.

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A “filmmaker” of the following:

Bowling for Columbine. Which was ok.

F911, good points, bad execution.

Anything else: garbage.

Now he’s a fat liberal coming for your guns and free speech and “men’s” right to abortion.

Bad hombre.

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Even Bowling for Columbine was just a gun grab emotional appeal trash fire. Watching him harass the NRA guy with a picture of a dead kid, blaming the NRA for her death... That was an early opinion changing moment.

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I liked Sicko, when I was a libtard. Extremely obese media personalities would be more effective if they weren't recognizable as idiots at a glance. Yes, there are some pigs on the right too.

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hes a fat fuck that made the documentary bowling with columbine