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I'm not sure what kind of advice you expect to get over an addiction, it is always the same. You can go cold turkey or you can slowly wean off and replace those things with something better. You're obviously an adult, you choose every day what to consume.

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Do a mono diet for two weeks. After that your taste buds reset. A mono diet is where you pick one type of food and then eat only that. Like potatoes. Only cooked potatoes for two weeks. Also, only eat when hungry.

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Watch a lot of porn and masterbate. Porn is great for you.

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Stop eating/drinking it.

Not hard.

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Start fasting, fatty. I seriously recommend the Snake Diet. It'll cleanse the fuck outta you.

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I like the delhi diet.

Go on holiday to india and eat only street food from the poor side of town.

Youll never want to eat again.

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I have started filling up with protein.

I took the high carb diet to the extreme thinking it was a miracle cure and yet I got fat.

And don’t look at eating carbs as a bad thing. Eat what you want. Don’t listen to people who constantly tell you carbohydrates are bad as they load themselves with rotting dead animal flesh and health problems down the road.

All protein diets are very unhealthy.

But protein fills me up. Plus I use emotional control when I eat and don’t listen to idiots on the internet about diet anymore.

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Cold turkey is the best way. Try filling up on proteins and fats so you crave less.