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I actually just told the VA the other day that I will no longer be going to my primary care with them. (Its really because I have other care) but I told them it was because I was uncomfortable with affirmative action and their hiring practices (the dr is a fat Indian woman)

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If I have like a 70 year old black doctor I don't mind, back when he went to medical school SJW's aren't around and chances are he's a decent doctor. I don't trust any young, colored doctor. Especially foreign. Some muslim, female who had affirmative action and was good at taking tests so she's going to teach me how to live.

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I require it.

It's true that I have a pajeet general practitioner but that's only because he speaks asshole and knows I won't put up with his shit. I go in and he says "wots wrong meestur goathole?" and I tell him straight to his face, "now fix it." and he does. Anything technical I get a referral.

I don't put up with the shit that arrogant fucking doctors put out. They think they are god's fucking grand creation and I don't like it. I got into a yelling fight with my ex dentist.......while he was drilling. He was so pissed, lol!, he said not to come back. He gave me attitude. I hurt my back once and my old doctor said something like "just take a few aspirin" to which I looked him in the fucking eye and said "GIVE ME THE DRUGS, NOW". I get it, there are a lot of pill head junkies out there, I'm not one of them and my history shows that. I walked out with a script for muscle relaxers and percocet(?) Didn't even use them all but like hell a doctor is going to tell me how high my pain level is. FUCK! I hate doctors.

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Orientals are fine, it's the pajeets and muzzy docs that I avoid. And the non-American nigger docs, but haven't ran into one of those yet.

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If it's important or there is uncertanty - a high IQ doctor is vital. An avaiable and incorrect diagnosis can waste critical time.

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Will only see a white male Dr. DGAF... fuck you niggers and street shitters

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Women only; Oriental preferred.

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Would you please elaborate that thought? I would like to understand the rational.

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In ageist, racist, and sexist so. Asian female sub 40 please!

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