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"We wuz kweeens n shit, DAS RITE"

-statement from the royal family

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"We just like the kardashians now!"

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Like, share, and subscribe.

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There are no more british goats,they might get 15 years in gaol for being here!

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That was my first thought upon seeing the title, as well- I'd be stunned if Voat wasn't somehow blocked in most of the UK.

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Halfnigger, half ginger. Can't wait to see how ugly their kid will be.

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This is the third act where a hidden royal bastard rises up and cleans house.

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House Saxe-Coburg shall rise again.

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Tessier-Ashpool is above them all.

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If only. I'm not British so my opinion doesn't count for anything, but those fake Winsors gotta go.

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the child wont look black. Shes a quarter nigger i think. But its so pathetic seeing actual nigger women celebrating the almost white/latina looking woman and saying its a "win" for them. how sad.

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Blacks can't do shit unless they are fortified with European blood. This "princess", our last president would not be were they got too without the positive influence of some european genes

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Wasnt it announced she was pregnant with twins only WEEKS after the wedding? Yeah...it was a shotgun wedding and that bitch new exactly what she was doing to trap him. She was an escort, she knows to use cams and record her clients, why not do the same to literal royalty and payout for life?

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The hardcore Globalist Ms. Markle thinks that she is going to be Queen somehow. She did a lot of evil stuff to get to where she is now. But then again the royal family is a bunch of thieves and traffickers historically anyway.

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