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So basically half of those can be summarized as "privacy."


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Well literally just paying people for services or stuff. Neighbor's kid mows my lawn I'm not sending him bitcoin and I doubt he has a credit card swiper.

Buying or selling something from a garage sale?

Giving someone some cash for helping you out like giving you a ride after your car breaks down?

Giving your grandson a cash gift?

I live in Chicago and the only time anyone uses something other than cash here is at stores or taxis. And half the time they use cash there anyway.

Whoever thinks cash has no use must be from San Franshitco or not really interact with people. I don't like credit cards and I don't like swiping them because of theft possibilities. I'm definitely not the only one as well. If I give someone $20 cash, that's it, it's done. No credit card bill, no card theft, nada.

Simple and easy.


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There are money sharing apps now. I went out to eat with some new people i met and when the check came one person paid while the others just picked up their phones and paid her back their portion. It was pretty surreal to me. Anyway, it kinda negates the whole cash for gifts and minor services thing now, damn Jews get their hands into all the cookie jars.


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And also illegal, which was what op was trying to avoid in asking for legal reasons.


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Avoiding unconstitutional taxes is NOT illegal. Neither is avoiding alimony/child support for gold-digging whores.


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Illegal laws aren’t legal laws. Read it again.